The Year of Digital Fashion


2020 has come to an end and we’ve learned a lot. The world has to been continually changing and adapting to the present challenges. Fashion is not left behind. As many of you know, the fashion industry has been one the many affected  markets by Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, brands have had to reinvent themselves to survive.

Although fashion week was physically cancelled and many high designer brands did not produce as many seasons as they have in the past, we can say that the Fashion industry is thriving and being reinvented. With the challenges proposed, the fashion has been shifting into a more Digital manner. I  will further discuss it, in order to give you a full understanding of what I mean. This is changing the whole way we shop and view brands.

Digital fashion is wearable technology available for the public. Just only a few brands are using it, but this year we’ll see it almost everywhere. So, this is how it works. Clothes are built in a digital mannequin using a 3D software, and everything is visual. You won’t have to go to the store; the visual representation does everything for you. The fit, print, everything, you’ll be able to see digitally. 

Fun fact, couture started using this method way before the pandemic. In 2019, a digital couture dress was sold for 9,500 US dollars! Although 3D pieces are being sold, this does not mean we’ll be dressing virtually; instead, it is a new concept of buying ready to wear pieces.

Do you prefer going to stores virtually or will you adapt to the new digital fashion world?

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