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Dead Blondes: A Hollywood Phenomenon

There is an innate association between Blondness,  youth and beauty: to be blonde is to defy the drag of time. To be blonde is to be an impossibility. And no institution of cultural hegemony enforced this understanding better than Hollywood. 

Third Spaces: Finding Comfort and Safety

All of us have at least two types of places in common that we frequent: our homes and our school campus. But what spaces do we occupy outside of that? And does it even matter?

My Trek to Everest Base Camp: Gaining 5,400 Metres of Altitude and an Appreciation for the Sherpas

Over the spring break, a group of SPEGA students were able to hike up to Mt. Everest's base camp in Nepal, led by Sherpa guides native to the region. While on the hike, students were able to immerse themselves in the culture of this ethnic group. With the goal of spreading the culture of the Sherpa people, who often go under-appreciated, Lucy Ball writes of the lessons she learned from the group's Sherpa guides while trekking up the mountain.

Ser feliz, un enigma 

Hoy, la felicidad es una meta que los seres hablantes buscamos encontrar a largo plazo. 

The Rwandan Genocide 30 Years Later: What has Changed?

In memory of the Rwandan genocide, the Stork ruminates on the tragedy that befell the country and checks in on its recovery.

A Missing Chapter: Women and Science

Women’s role in science has been discussed for over centuries, with opinions ranging from “burn them at the stake” to “they are just as intellectually capable as men”. But have you ever thought about how science has been treating women?

The Girl-Reclamation of the Girl prefix

Women's Month has come just in time to reflect on the new prefix in town, girl. We’ve seen girl-dinner, girl-math, what's girl-next?

Get Rid of Public Speaking Jitters For First Timers

From meticulously preparing your speech, through practicing it over and over again, to the very last moment when you are peeking through the curtains, it all leads to that awful feeling when your stomach drops with a bundle of nerves. Here are some tips for an outstanding perfromance.

A Bittersweet Ending: The 2024 Oscars Ceremony

The 2024 Oscars Ceremony brought about much excitement for fans of the film industry, but also acknowledged the state of the world today through the movies represented on the Oscars' stage.

The Art of Making a Perfect Sandwich

Sandwiches: a simple yet complex combination of all food groups into one perfect structure of deliciousness. Maybe that sentence was a bit overdramatic but we can all agree that there is nothing like a perfect sandwich. Here is how to make one!


Why Doing Scary Things Is so Important

By Alexandra Marie Charlotte Stahl What truly pushes you out of your comfort zone? For some, stepping out of their comfort zone means traveling alone,...

Euro Betting Tips – Football European Championship 2024

Just in time for the European Championships, the Stork provides a guide for students to bet on the football teams participating in this year's games.

Editorial Announcement for the 2024-25 Academic Year

The academic year 2023-2024 has been an exciting period of growth for The Stork! The completely student-led and managed media outlet, with a team...