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Ukraine: One year after the Russian Invasion – An IE Event Exclusive

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Association in Segovia and various IE members organized a panel to discuss...

The 6th Edition of the Artilleria Debate: the Crisis between Russia and Ukraine

On Tuesday, March 7th, IE was hosted by the Spanish Artillery Academy in Segovia to partake in a splendid annual tradition: the Artillery Academy...

Racism: Learning and Sharing our Experiences

On February 17th, the Asia Club and Africa Club came together to host the first ever share-circle. Members of both clubs, and other students...

IE’s RHE Conference: A Student Perspective

In reality, all university students want the same thing: to know that their chosen institution will prepare them to make a difference in the world. Last week’s Reinventing Higher Education conference, only furthered this conclusion.

The Women in Business Club Takes on Oxford

On Saturday, February 11, IE University’s Women in Business (WiB) club attended a roundtable discussion for all university Women in Business or Women in Finance organizations across Europe. The event was hosted by the Women’s Society Alliance (WSA), a hub that unites women-led university clubs across Europe.

An insider look at IE’s HNMUN Delegation

On the 13th of February, IE’s Debate Club embarked on a week-long adventure to Boston, Massachusetts to compete in the prestigious 69th entry of...

IE: An Entrepreneur’s Factory

Have you ever thought about starting a business? If yes, then you are in luck. Students worldwide are embracing the concept of entrepreneurship and...

The Need for Constructive Journalism

The constructive journalism panel held on February 22 by IE University’s School of Politics, Economics, and Global Affiars (SPEGA) in collaboration with the IE Stork and El Instituto de Periodismo Constructivo marked the end of the competition and series of talks. Held by SPEGA’s Associate Vice Dean, Borja Santos, and moderated by the Stork’s Editor in Chief, Roché Smith Rabie, the conversation revolved around the future of journalism.

What is IE’s Reinventing Higher Education Conference?

In the heart of Madrid between the four iconic skyscrapers sits one of Europe's top educational institutions, IE University. At the foot of one of the world's greatest wonders lies the beautiful campus of Africa's best university, The University of Cape Town. Now, what would these two universities on opposite spectrums of the world have in common you may ask?

The IEU Law Society: Adventurous Affairs

Finding a position in legal extracurriculars as a first-year law student might be challenging. We are continually encouraged to attend networking and guest speaker...


Vo Van Thuong Elected as New Vietnamese President

On March 2, Vietnam underwent a significant leadership change, as Vo Van Thuong was appointed as the new president by the National Assembly. Thuong took over the presidency following the resignation of his predecessor Nguyen Xuan Phuc in January.

How to BEST live your last months in Segovia

Only a couple of days until spring break, the excitement over going away can be felt all around me.  From living on-campus to my apartment...