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How Can a Region Legally Claim Independence?

Catalonia's desire to claim its independence has been the recent talk of the town, yet no one seems to be discussing how exactly the region can achieve that. When a region claims independence, there are two things to consider: how it claims independence and how it can legalize its claim.

The Rwandan Genocide 30 Years Later: What has Changed?

In memory of the Rwandan genocide, the Stork ruminates on the tragedy that befell the country and checks in on its recovery.

Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant Suffers Drone Attack

The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Russian-occupied Ukraine suffered another drone attack 6 April 2024. Damages were minimal, but no one has taken responsibility for them. The Stork explores the importance of the plant in war torn country and its significance in international law.

Critics Sound Alarm on New Hong Kong Security Law, “Article 23”

In March 2024, the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region pasted the 'Safeguarding National Security Bill," also known as "Article 23." The new law is believed by many to endanger human rights, triggering protests in Hong Kong. The Stork breaks down the law and the reactions it has received thus far.

Equality and Prosperity: You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Social policy and economic policy need to be thought of as going hand-in-hand, in all respects. Without freedom, we cannot have prosperity.

A Bittersweet Ending: The 2024 Oscars Ceremony

The 2024 Oscars Ceremony brought about much excitement for fans of the film industry, but also acknowledged the state of the world today through the movies represented on the Oscars' stage.

The Legal & Political Aspects of the Israel-Hamas Conflict

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues in Gaza, putting civilian lives at grave risk, the UN Security Council and its permanent members have continuously failed to pass legal solutions to temper and dissolve the situation. The Stork breaks down recent developments in two of these members, the United States and the United Kingdom, that will impact the conflict in the near future.

A Journey of 15,000 Animals Rescued in Ukraine

In a world divided by conflict, it is difficult to find any slice of good. However, there are many underrated heroes that remain unnoticed by the public eye. The Stork celebrates some of these heroes, who put themselves at risk everyday to save animals in danger during the Ukrainian war, victims that are often forgotten.

¿Herramienta de diplomacia o de estancamiento?

Aunque las Naciones Unidas defienden el principio de igualdad soberana de los estados, el poder de veto desafía este concepto.

Why are some countries more developed than others?

When analysing the level of development in countries, an often-mentioned case is the comparison between the United States and Mexico, two former colonies, both of which had a starting point after gaining independence. The question is, how, being neighbours, did the Americans achieve much higher levels of human development than their Latin neighbours during the interwar period and especially in the last 70 years? 


Coffee vs. Matcha: Which is Best For You?

There is no doubt that many of us wake up every morning looking forward to fulfilling our drug addiction of caffeine. Many, if not most of us have quite a strong relationship with this stimulant and tend to consume it on a daily basis. However, can this relationship become co-dependent at some point?

Ser feliz, un enigma 

Hoy, la felicidad es una meta que los seres hablantes buscamos encontrar a largo plazo. 

Sinopsis: ‘Arts & Humanities Week’

Durante la pasada semana, del 8 al 13 de abril, se celebraron varios eventos centrados en las artes y humanidades en la ‘Arts & Humanities Week’.