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Thursday, January 21, 2021


Vaccines: Raising hopes, raising fear?

By Sara Lona Abou El Mona At the end of this exhausting year, we are still facing unprecedented times. The global pandemic has affected almost...

Trump: The Enemy of the State

"The global bastion of democracy is under siege, and is being besieged from within by insurgents led by a wicked orange charlatan."

Unintentional Rape?

Brazilian digital influencer Mariana Ferrer claims she was raped in December 2018, during a party in a luxury beach club in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina....

Trouble in Paradise: Pollution In The Dominican Republic

Back in August, fashion magazine giant, British Vogue, stirred controversy on social media platforms such as Instagram when it announced its August 2020 issue....

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Ukraine’s Quest for Prosperity: Its separation from Russia

Discussing Ukraine's current position and its will to develop and become a major political and economic power in central Europe is an immense and...