Op-Ed: An Indifferent University & an Idle Election

Let me begin by stating a few things. First, I want to congratulate Team Yellow – at the end of the day, they are a good team, and they have been democratically elected by the student body’s popular vote. Second, I admit that as a former candidate for Team White, I...

Looking back into the SG’s future, By Niklas Hess

Written By Niklas Hess (Former SG Academics Officer and Vice - President 2018-2019) The Student Government elections are a yearly spectacle that allows some people to envision their ideal University, others to discover all of the flaws that they never thought about...

Segovia Outdoors – Las 9 Calderas

Hey everyone! Welcome to the third edition of Segovia Outdoors! Today, from the comfort of our couches, beds, and desks, we’re going to take a journey along the Rio Cambrones to Las 9 Calderas, my last trail before the COVID-19 crisis locked us all indoors. First, as...

Lonely Lockdown Diary

By Aahuti Sejpal, MIM in December 2019 ( Alumn). Originally Published in Medium.  First 30 days in one of the most affected COVID19 countries. Originally from Mumbai (India), I moved to Madrid (Spain) to pursue my post-grad in January 2019. After my graduation, I...

Politics and TikTok

On this social platform for young people, content that speaks of global warming, bullying, body shaming and international politics are increasingly popular. TikTok was the fastest growing social network in 2019. While Instagram tries to renew itself by ceasing to...

Brexit’s Impact on Euroskepticism

Euroskepticism is not a new phenomenon. If anything, it’s been a consistent factor since the European Union’s inception. However, Brexit has made Euroskepticism more tangible; it was one thing for the Member States to be critical of integration, but actually leaving...

Every Man for Every Man

Blanca Rollnert shares her thoughts on the spirit that has arisen in Spain in the midst of a COVID-19 crisis.

Thyme Flies – Butter Chicken

Hopefully these channels can keep you entertained during your time in quarantine and maybe inspire you to take on some new recipes! In the meantime, let’s get started on our dish for today – butter chicken!

Spain’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

Data-driven optimism in the Spanish fight against COVID-19

Segovia Indoors — Quarantine Tips

Hey everyone, welcome to the third edition of Segovia Outdoors! Because most of us are in quarantine and a story about a trail wouldn’t be too helpful, I’m opting to change it up a bit. So, welcome to the first edition of Segovia Indoors!   If your experience has...