Are Democratic Values at Risk? – HAY Festival Especial

A couple of weeks ago, Segovia’s streets swell with visitors attending the HAY Festival, an event that gathers diverse...

IE-Alumni Martin Gutmann on his Book, Before the UN Sustainable Development Goals

An IE University education clearly proves that a humanistic education can easily be blended with a business one. A recent...

SDG Club – The Unspoken Effect of War on Ukrainian Women

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, all social media platforms have been flooded with their respective broadcasts. Visuals of bombings,...

The Segovian Campus Feeling

"A personal account of what its like to be a student in a small town". Over the past couple of...


Free Period Products in the Tower!

free period products are now available in the women’s bathrooms on each of the hub floors of the tower! If you ever find yourself in need of a pad or a tampon, you can head to floors 4,10,16, or 22 to find what you're looking for.

The Lessons We Learn Through Languages, and the Ones IE Does Not

Last week, the university’s management team and BIR office revealed that all language classes next semester will take place only once a week for third-year students, for a grand total of 15 sessions per semester. The management team, content with the idea of slicing our linguistic progress in half, argues that they are “freeing up time” for us to focus on other things. Not only is the premise of that statement flawed, but it fails to consider the repercussions of the change.

IE’s Ghost Town: Why Students Abandon Events

So it is not for lack of trying or that events are not student-centered - they are. It’s that students just don't see the value in attending. But why is that?

IE, Where are the Accessible Period Products?

Marketing themselves as a university of the future, IE must properly address the aspects in which they fall short. Therefore, I am calling upon IE University to ensure reliable access to menstrual sanitation products in the bathrooms of all their campuses in such a way that does not inflict an excessive burden on their students.


Nepal: A transforming journey

During those 11 days, 25 students from Madrid and Segovia were immersed in an incomparable universe. The trip started in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, and followed with an 8 days journey to the Himalayas. During that time, students...

“Only Yes Means Yes” Law: Are There Multiple Perspectives?

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of engaging in a thought-provoking conversation with one of my professors. The discussion led us to the topic of policies and policymaking processes in Spain. To be more precise, to the “only yes means yes” sexual consent law.

Metaverse: Open for Business

What is the Metaverse? The issue of the metaverse has gathered significant attention in recent years. As people’s interest in virtual worlds increases, business opportunities around them become infinite. The question at hand then is not whether we can make...

Hitler and Stalin – Putin

While many question if it could have been averted entirely, the fact remains that leaders such as Stalin decided to pursue their own interests at the expense of others. The non-aggression pact signed by Germany and the Soviet Union resulted in the division of Europe and the deaths of countless people.


Smoke & Mirrors

Among all the heated debates in recent years, one of the most controversial conversations has revolved around the possible legalization of marijuana. Ever since,...

What does the IE Foundation really do?

How many times have you encountered the name IE Foundation on screens in university, in a newsletter, or from word of mouth? There is...

Modern Republican Circus

Out of the ashes of the January 6th Capitol Riots, the modern Republican Party has fomented a new fanatical subsection. Fueled by controversy, hearsay,...

US Inflation: rapid drop in sight?

There is probably a risk of becoming monotonous, but much of the explanation for the movement in the financial markets in recent weeks revolves...

Will AI Make Us Go Back to Pen and Paper?

“Let's talk about A.I., robot got more heart than I Robot got future, I don't” If even SZA is artistically singing about AI, I think it's...

In With the Old

I got an iPad for Christmas, and the first thing I did with it was treat it as if it were a notebook. I...


IE’s Ghost Town: Why Students Abandon Events

So it is not for lack of trying or that events are not student-centered - they are. It’s that students just don't see the value in attending. But why is that?

How Democracy Has Been Weaponized

The scope of this argument does not extend to the analysis of democracy as a governmental system, but rather the way in which it has been utilized as a means to extend the interests of certain governments across different regions of the world.

The Roots of the French’s Love of Protests

As such, it is visible that the current protests do not only symbolize discontent with the increased retirement age but represent a general anti-establishment movement within France. It is a protest against a government that bypassed a parliamentary vote and against a president that seems to have lost touch with the public.

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