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Monday, October 25, 2021



Clubs: Arts Society

Up Next: The IE Photo Club | IE Photo and Film Club

By Caroline Gracia The IE Photo Club has evolved from a forgotten club to one that has grown rapidly within the last semester. It is...

Clubs:Social & Community

Yes Theory | Meet The Club

Inspired by the Yes Theory youtube channel, Clemence founded the Yes Theory Club, to encourage its members to say “yes” to opportunities outside of...

IE Girl Up Club | Club Profile


The Global Transformation Club | Club Profile

IE Global Transformation Club is a Madrid based club that aims to bring together IE students from all over the world interested in international...


The Second Debate, as Recapped by a Stork Writer

by Dyanna Rivera MADRID - As we enter the second half of March, this year’s campaign season begins to draw to a close. On...

Interviews With Student Government Elections Team Leaders

Team Serendipity :  Why did you decide to run for Student Government ? Fiona Wu - "Ever since Pedro and I came to IE, we noticed...

Statement of Dissociation from SG Elections | Debate Club Segovia

Effective immediately, we will be removing ourselves from their organization this year.

Stork Student Government Writer Analyzes the First 2021 IE Elections Debate...

by Dyanna Rivera With teams already well into the campaign season this year at IE, students are now aware of each team’s key proposals moving...

Team Yellow’s Promises : Then VS Now

By Dyanna Rivera MADRID - In a month filled with midterms, applications and decisions for summer internships, our student government candidates are keeping busy with...

Student Government Elections: What You Need to Know

by Dyanna Rivera As spring quickly approaches, election season draws near even quicker. In fact, presentation of nominations has already begun in late February,...