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The IE Short Film Festival 2023

The following day, film buffs from campus and beyond came to the award ceremony to discover the ieSFF nominees. Nominations were created by an impressive jury panel, from producers and creatives in the field.



Perfect Crime Hits Segovia

There's a certain beauty and complexity behind the mystery of a murder. That was my first thought as the cast bowed down to the crowd's praise.  Known for being the most extended play to run in New York City of...

The Bliss Bean On Becoming a YouTube Sensation 

You may recognize her as the Bliss Bean, or the organizational guru. Beatričé Naujalyté currently manages a Youtube channel with almost 300k subscribers and 17M views.

Key Takeaways from the 13th RHE Conference

This article is part of a series covering the IE’s 13th Reinventing Higher Education Conference that took place from March 5-7 2023. The Stork’s current Editor in Chief, Roché Smith Rabie, was sent to the conference to cover the...

Student Government

Formal Statement in Relation to the 2023 Student Government Elections

The Stork aims to publish content that is fair, unbiased, and factually based. We do not aim to favour any of the Student Government teams and will not be covering the remaining election period from a news perspective and rather solely represent the opinions of the student body in regards to the election.

The Student Government and Club Presidents Share their Prospects for 2023

If there’s one thing most IE students have in common, I believe, is we all are motivated to act. We want to learn, travel, experience, and create.  The IE club...

The FIFA World Cup has Landed at IE Segovia!

The most anticipated event of the year has finally arrived, landing with all its festivities at IE University. Football enthusiasts, and amateurs alike, can’t help but feel the excitement...

IEU Counselling

IE World Mental Health Days: Gender, Sexuality, Affection, and Mental Health Forum

On October 10, as a part of World Mental Health Day, IE Counseling hosted the Gender, Sexuality, Affection, and Mental Health Forum. Not only was the event hosted by...

A look into IE Mental Health Week: Body Image, Social Media, and Disordered Eating

This Tuesday 11 October, I took it upon myself to attend IE Mental Health Week, sponsored by IEU Counseling. I attended the seminar discussing body image, social media, and...

IEU Counseling: Helping students be happier

I recently had the opportunity to discuss some key ideas regarding mental health with Inés Mendoza, a coordinator at IEU Counseling. The services they offer have been available since...