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It’s no secret that Netflix’s latest series, “Emily in Paris,” has raised massive popularity in the fashion styling scene. Although we were amazed by many of Emily’s Parisian looks, Netflix has gifted us with many fabulous wardrobe pieces among its other content for years now. Here are some of the most iconic styling series on Netflix over the years.

Gossip Girl

We’ve all dreamed of having Serena Vander Woodsen or Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe. The New York teens had quite an exciting life, from VIP parties to unwanted dramas and dreamy vacations. But if we had to choose one thing we loved most about the Upper East Side scene, it would be the clothes! Atelier gowns, designer bags, limited edition Jimmy Choo’s; anything trending in the fashion industry these girls had. I mean, coffee in the morning at the MET stairs does taste better if you’re wearing designer, right? That’s a secret I’ll never tell… XOXO Gossip Girl!

Sex and the City

When it comes to fashion in New York, Carrie’s Bradshaw looks take the lead. The freedom and the glamour of her garments dominate the city. It’s no surprise she’s one of the most iconic fashion characters ever made. Behind all this magic stands Patricia Field. Field met Sarah Jessica Parker during a Hollywood movie filming; they became friends and started working together. She then was personally asked if she could design the costumes for Sex and the City. The American costume designer and stylist today made history with this debut.

You can check out more of Patricia’s Field work on her Instagram @patriciafield

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is Netflix’s latest hit, which brings with it a love-hate relationship regarding its styling. Many of Emily’s outfit stole the show, but it wasn’t even funny for the real Parisians. If you’ve ever visited Paris even once in your lifetime, it’s quite odd you have spotted someone with Emily’s “Parisian” style. A French wardrobe is quite simple. Most French girls have what I call “a capsule closet.” A capsule closet consists of having many basics; this helps create a cleaner and sharper look. Emily’s vivid colours and extra accessories can be considered tacky to the French. After all, it is a fiction series, but the style portrayed is a made-up unreality.


Money can’t buy style, but Fallon Carrington, the Dynasty series protagonist, knows how to invest in her fashion pieces. The Carrington’s were always looking sharp, but we loved the mix of Fallon’s feminity and power reflected in her outfits. If we had to name one of our favourite girl bosses, it definitely could be her. She can rock a suit and a dress; there’s nothing Fallon can’t handle. We also loved the fashion scene in the series because emerging designers had the opportunity to make many of the costumes. The staff and cast believed that there were many talented unknown designers with limited opportunities. We love this! Big shoutout to @meredith_costumes at Instagram, responsible for all the styling in the show.

Girl boss

More than the styling inside the series, we are fascinated by the fashion story behind it. I mean, you can spot some fashion gem pieces in the storyline, and if you’re a vintage-style lover, the Girl boss series is the perfect place for outfit inspiration. But we love a self-made businesswoman, and the fashion industry is quite hard. There are many things we can learn about Sophia. From building your fashion brand from scratch to just learning to believe and love yourself.

P.S Sophia’s Amoruso book “Girl boss” is a New York Times bestseller, and I totally recommend it.

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