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The Politics Behind What You Eat

How often do you question why a certain food is trending? Nowadays the nutrition world has polarising opinions on a plethora of foods, which makes it harder for consumers to determine what is true. 

Get Rid of Public Speaking Jitters For First Timers

From meticulously preparing your speech, through practicing it over and over again, to the very last moment when you are peeking through the curtains, it all leads to that awful feeling when your stomach drops with a bundle of nerves. Here are some tips for an outstanding perfromance.

El boom de los podcasts: un fenómeno peligroso

El número de personas que recurren a los podcasts para informarse cada vez crece más, lo que conlleva sus riesgos.

Tener veinte años es un chiste

"Tener veinte años es sentir que llegas tarde a un sitio, pero no saber cuál." La mayoría de nosotros no tenemos ni idea de quiénes queremos ser.

De Madrid a Roma: un Erasmus que cambia vidas

Muchos estáis esperando el momento de que por fin llegue vuestro tan esperadísimo “Erasmus”, una experiencia que recomiendo a todo el mundo.

Social Media: An empowering tool for attention-craving narcissists.

Narcissism is on the rise and digital media has become a powerful tool to empower an attention-fame-craving society.

Black Friday: Beyond Discounts – A Conscious Consumer’s Approach

We live in a world which pushes us towards consuming endlessly, and Black Friday two weeks away stands as no exception. I mean who can blame us?

Reflection at the Heart of Creative Expression

Have you ever suffered from the  infamous “creative block”? A bane to every artist's existence, the creative block often has us beating around the bush in hopes of finding an accidental epiphany.

Spring Cleaning: A Perfect Renaissance

As Madrid's sun begins to warm us like a gentle hug and its brightness begins to cure our seasonal depression, we awaken from our...

Top Fashion Trends Taking Over 2023

It’s time to talk about current fashion trends!  Following designers' collections debuts, here are some common key styles that you might want to indulge into… Ready...


Sinopsis: ‘Arts & Humanities Week’

Durante la pasada semana, del 8 al 13 de abril, se celebraron varios eventos centrados en las artes y humanidades en la ‘Arts & Humanities Week’.

Switzerland Deemed “Guilty” in Historic Climate Change Verdict

European Court of Human Rights recently ruled in favour of a climate activist group, "Klima Seniorinnen Schweiz," declaring Switzerland guilty of failing to act against climate change. A ground-breaking case, the Stork examines it and its effects on justice.

How Can a Region Legally Claim Independence?

Catalonia's desire to claim its independence has been the recent talk of the town, yet no one seems to be discussing how exactly the region can achieve that. When a region claims independence, there are two things to consider: how it claims independence and how it can legalize its claim.