The Super Bowl 2024: Football or Taylor Swift?

Until now, the Super Bowl was never really on my watchlist, but, being a Swiftie (a Fan of the singer Taylor Swift who is dating NFL player Travis Kelce), of course, I had to turn on my TV this Sunday.

The Economics Of Thinness – Weight Sexism in Today’s Working World

Instead, we need to educate them about mathematics, history, and languages, so this world, which is made for overweight men, stops suppressing overweight women because in 2024, it should be the brain and the character and the engagement that counts, and not the numbers on a scale.

Why Trusting Your Teammates Is Just As Important As Knowing Your Facts

I know for myself that it is not easy to let go when relying on others, especially when it is a project that affects your whole degree or is very dear to you. But I appeal to everyone, including myself, to at least put your mind to it.  In a world as uncertain and challenging as we are living in right now, we need leaders who can not only talk but listen, leaders who are secure in their facts just like their mistakes, and leaders who can trust in themselves just like in others.

Social Media in Times of War: Is the Digital Public Sphere Helping or Hurting to Educate Young People?

So of course, social media can help to foster a sense of global solidarity and community in young adults, as it encourages humans from all over the world to engage in discussions about peace and conflict resolution. Together. 

Amelie Garnies

I am Amelie, I am 20 years old and was born in the city of Munich in Germany. When I was 17 years old I moved to London to earn my International Baccalaureate. I am very passionate about History, Philosophy, and Politics, wherefore I am studying International Relations in Madrid right now. In the future, I wish to speak as many languages as possible, as I believe communication, whether written or oral, is the key to making the world a better place.
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