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The Ethics of Consumerism: Is Gen-Z as Politically Correct as They Think They are?

Gen Z is most infamous for how politically correct they are. However, are they actually causing more harm than good as consumers in the economic market?

Top Fashion Trends Taking Over 2023

It’s time to talk about current fashion trends!  Following designers' collections debuts, here are some common key styles that you might want to indulge into… Ready...

Slow and Steady Wins the Fashion Race

By Pia Abou Jaoude Thanks to low cost fashion retailers, keeping pace with today’s ever changing fashion trends is quite easy. New collections become available...

How to Dress for Segovia’s Fluctuating Weather

Segovia is currently feeling a little under the weather; learn how to dress up for this period between seasons.

“Less Is More” is the New Luxury for the Coming Up Seasons of Sun

It’s only the middle of February, but I can’t be the only one already thinking ahead of what spring will bring. As the season...

Tone-Deaf at Paris Fashion Week

It can be difficult to determine the decision-making process of those who enjoy a certain level of fame. Is it that they do not...

The Style at IE University: How do Students View their Dress Codes?

Dress codes can be controversial topics: some people swear by them, while others believe them to be restrictive. Yet, there is an unofficial dress...

Dressing for the Winter Season

As winter becomes stronger and temperatures drop it starts to become the time for cozy blankets and finding comfort near our radiators. Yet life...

Madrid’s Streetwear

As fashion is always developing and trends are changing. Our generation will have seen the streetwear culture grow and occupy an important place in...

SDG Club: Tell Me What You Wear, and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Find this article on the SDG Club's IE Connect Page HERE Before we begin, please, I want you to check the brand of the clothes...


“Dispararon al pianista” en el Hay Festival de Segovia

Trueba y Mariscal hablan de "Dispararon al pianista" con Pepa Blanes en el Hay Festival de Segovia.

Should We Treat Ageing Like a Disease?

Ageing has been considered a natural and inevitable process for most of human history. However, the idea of redefining it as a disease has gained traction in recent years.

Our Time to Reverse Climate Change has Lapsed

Climate change is here, and there is no longer any way that we can reverse its effects. Not necessarily because it would be physically impossible, but because the people most responsible for greenhouse gas emissions are too focused on profit to stop polluting.