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Casanova: The Newest Addition to Segovia’s Nightlife

The trending topic among IE students, however, is the newest nightclub Casanova. It has been week after week of the dance floor filled with university students, and the main topic of conversation among the campus’ halls

Is Amnesty Constitutional? IE professors discuss

Is the newly proposed amnesty law compliant with the Spanish constitution? Does it challenge the highly respected rule of law and the principle of the separation of powers? These were the questions posed by panellists during the “Legal Brew” event organised by the Law Society at Segovia Campus.

Noise and Nuisance: IE Students vs. Segovia Locals

This article is written in conjunction with the IEU Law Society. By Miguel Yu To what extent should IE students fear the locally established regulations on...

Will You Get Deported if You Commit a Crime?

This article is written in conjunction with the IEU Law Society. By Martina Al Rifai Hajjo As many of us IE students would agree, we love...

Insights from Segovia’s Senior Locals: Wisdom for University Students

University life is not easy, so sometimes we have to turn to those who have already experienced it, and listen to their stories.

A Celebration of Ideas: The Segovia Hay Festival at IE University

Segovia buzzed with intellectual excitement from September 15th to 17th as the renowned Hay Festival took place at IE University's Segovia campus.

A Fresh Start: September Events at IE Segovia

Here are some of the most exciting events occurring in Segovia to welcome new and returning students this year

May comes to a close in Segovia: What has been happening at IE?

As the academic year ends, so do events hosted by IE, our student body, and Campus Life. So, what has been going on?  Here is...

Elly’s Light Enchanting Final Concert in Segovia

On the 19th of May was The Finale: Social Mingling, Outdoors Fun & Farewell at the Creativity Center in Segovia. Elly's Light, the music...

Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Your Backyard: Segovia’s Old Town

Segovia is undoubtedly beautiful, especially during the spring.  Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Segovia attracts tourists from all over the world. The cathedral, Plaza...


Sinopsis: ‘Arts & Humanities Week’

Durante la pasada semana, del 8 al 13 de abril, se celebraron varios eventos centrados en las artes y humanidades en la ‘Arts & Humanities Week’.

Switzerland Deemed “Guilty” in Historic Climate Change Verdict

European Court of Human Rights recently ruled in favour of a climate activist group, "Klima Seniorinnen Schweiz," declaring Switzerland guilty of failing to act against climate change. A ground-breaking case, the Stork examines it and its effects on justice.

How Can a Region Legally Claim Independence?

Catalonia's desire to claim its independence has been the recent talk of the town, yet no one seems to be discussing how exactly the region can achieve that. When a region claims independence, there are two things to consider: how it claims independence and how it can legalize its claim.