Equality and Prosperity: You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Social policy and economic policy need to be thought of as going hand-in-hand, in all respects. Without freedom, we cannot have prosperity.

One Hit Wonder?: Bangladesh’s Shaky Economic Future

How many times have you looked at the tag of a piece of clothing in a store and saw “Made in Bangladesh”? From producing things like T-shirts to jeans to many other simple clothing apparels, the country has been applauded by the international community for the way it has harnessed the power of the industry to employ millions of people, especially women, and drastically reduce extreme poverty domestically.

Your Boycotts Won’t Stop Unfair Labour

You have power as a consumer, but only when you use all your resources. It’s important to think about who feels better from your personal boycott: the child you aim to help, or yourself?

Non-Violence is Not Effective: Why We Can’t Use India As a strong Argument

Gandhi incorporated this idea through the Hindu principle of satyagraha, which memorialised the Indian Independence movement as one of non-violence. However, there were a series of specific conditions in India that enabled the movement to avoid violence, conditions that definitely don’t exist in most oppressed communities. 

Shayyan Ahmed

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