College Essentials: From a Junior to the Freshman


This fall, I started my third year of college, and although in the end, I managed everything correctly, I would have liked to know come crucial tips before my arrival. When starting this new chapter we find ourselves super excited but at the same time we feel we know everything. From a junior: we don’t. Guidance is necessary in the awesome new beginning and if you’re a bit of an extra individual you’ll thank me later for these tips.

1. The Dorm

From my experience, this was the most important and exciting part of the entire home-college transition. I’m an extra what you call an extra person, and I wanted my bedroom to feel exactly like home. My dorm decoration was straight up too much. Lots of pink everywhere, several pictures were hanging on my wall, photos of my friends & family, décor on the shelves, etc. Despite the cuteness, one mistake I have to point out was the number of pillows that I had in my twin bed in which I could barely fit. I had at least eight or nine pillows, please have less; you won’t have space to place them when you sleep, and they’ll continuously get dirty when placed on the floor.

IMG 1450
IMG 1447

My advice:

– Decorate your dorm to the point that you feel at home, with your essence. But don’t go overboard (which happened to me) at the end of the day, you’ll only be in your bedroom when it’s time to sleep. To study, you’ll use the library, hang out, go places, and eat you’ll use the cafeteria. The dorm is not as important as it seems, but don’t get me wrong, make it feel like YOUR happy place. Please keep it clean and organized; this influences your mood, motivation, and execution in classes.

– Buy at least three sets of towels and sheets/bedspreads; this will save you time when doing laundry.

– Extra storage. Use organizers to take advantage of the space below; I attached some available in Amazon.

– Bring special things from your country that makes you feel at home, family memories, photos, etc. They will give your space a very personal touch and make you feel a thousand times better in those heavy days.

– Mini Fridge: Although you’ll have a cafeteria to eat, a mini-fridge in the bedroom is a college hack. Everything here is exclusive, saves you from troubles when you are comfy in your bed at any time of the day. In the mini fridge, you can store your snacks, water, cravings, etc. Above my mini-fridge, I had a basket where I kept my fridge free snacks.

2. Clothes

Clothes were the biggest mistake I made in my freshman year of college. I took six suitcases of clothes, YES, 6 SUITCASES OF ONLY CLOTHING. It was a disaster, no matter how many organizers I had, it was impossible to fit everything.

My advice:

– Bring only the essentials, most of the clothes you’ll buy during the year in the city. Do not load too much; wear comfortable clothes to attend classes, and have several cute outfits to go out. You can solve the clothing issue once you are there physically #shoplocal.

– For the girls: It depends on your aesthetic, but don’t bring multiple pairs of high heels; this was a bit obvious to me, but anyways I took four pairs of high heels to college “just in case.” In the whole year, I did not use even one. My recommendation is to take one pair easy to combine & comfortable heels if you ever can use them.

– The closets are minimal; buy these little extras so that you can fit more clothes or stuff than usual. Available in Amazon or your nearest home wear store.

3. Uni Supplies

DO NOT GO CRAZY. Buy what is necessary. I bought way to many utensils, and it was so unnecessary.

My advice:

– Have four pairs of appliances, two, always to carry in your college bag, and the other two for your dorm.

– I prefer to write in notebooks, if you feel the same, buy one notebook for each two classes (not more). Another alternative is buying a big folder with divisions, have loose paper at hand, and place the papers inside the folder according to the class.

– If you are lucky enough and your parents are considering buying you a new computer for college, consider purchasing the new iPad with a pencil and keyboard, which is much more practical. For more information, see their page.

– BUY YOUR AGENDA. VERY important and will keep you up to date with your college work. Also, have another personal agenda for “to-do lists.”

4. Backpack or Purse

I know a backpack might sound highchoolish. But now, as a junior I’m switching to a backpack. Backpacks are so much comfortable than purses. I used a purse for the first two years and I just cant anymore; they are really heavy and your back will hurt. Forget the trend and use a backpack. 

5. Extra: (I’ll attach the pics in the drive)

– Cork Board/Photo Grid

Screen Shot 2020 09 05 at 11.52.05 AM

– Diary

– Desk Organizer 

– Desk lamp

– Scented candles; they leave your room with a perfect scent. I always buy candles specifically for relaxation/aromatherapy. They help with anxiety and stress, totally recommend.

IMG 1452
IMG 1451

-Memory box; in college, you’ll create unbelievable memories and probably will have the best time of your life. In the memory box, you can physically store the special things of this times. Maybe photos, or freshers week pins, etc.

– Special tape for walls

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