Vintage Shopping in Madrid


Vintage clothing or retro clothing has been on the rise lately. Whether it is because of TikTok trends or a more conscious consuming side of us people, the fashion treasures we can find in vintage stores are worth the search. Apart from acquiring more detailed, timeless pieces; the buying of vintage ready to wear provides a positive impact in the world. Buying vintage is recycling.

Madrid is home to many rising fashion trends and to one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world, Serrano. But buying in style doesn’t have to be expensive, the city is also home to many vintage clothing stores with super trendy pieces.

1. Flamingos 
C/Espiritu Santo 1
C/San Joaquin 16
IG: @flamingosvintagekilomadrid

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2. Aramayo clothing
C/Plaza de Herradores 8 (Opera)
C/Hernan Cortes 4 (Tribunal/Chueca)
C/Corredera Alta de San Pablo 2
IG: @aramayovinatge

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3. Retro city
C/Corredera Alta de San Pablo 4
IG: @retrocitymadrid

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4. Magpie
C/Velaverde 3  
IG :magpievintageclothes

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5. Market Vintage La Industria
C/San Vicente 33
IG : marketvintagelaindustria

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