The Must-Attend Events this January in Segovia


Coming back to Segovia in January feels as exciting as coming here for the first time. You get to experience winter here and the post-Christmas season. 

There were many events in the first half of January, such as the Baco event on the 13th at Sabbat. It proved to be an entertaining night that many enjoyed. 

I hope you did not miss out on it, but just in case here is my list of must-attend events in Segovia in the second half of the month.

1. Alcatraz Events, Irish

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Courtesy of Alcatraz’s Instagram account

Alcatraz on the 31st of January will throw the year’s best party, at Irish. The event organization has done many other themed parties before and they have a record amount of sold-out tickets. 

This success comes along with great music with multiple DJs, surprises through the night that you have never even expected, and, importantly the crowd is always a mixture of many grade levels and bachelors. 

All I can say is to make sure you are fast because it is expected to yet again sell out.

You can follow their Instagram link to be quickly updated and I suggest turning notifications on because this night will be worth 

2. Campus Life Tuesdays

Every Tuesday in front of the cafeteria you get the opportunity to meet club officers and ask questions. Moreover, learn about their club and activities. 

Campus life Tuesdays are a great opportunity to get connected with the school more. 

You can sign up from IE Connects and find more information on the topic.

3. Yoga Classes

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Image courtesy of IE Connects

Every Tuesday from 4 pm to 5 pm, there is a yoga class available at the Creativity Centre. 

This might as well be your new hobby or your new way of re-energizing. It is also a great opportunity to meet more people and enjoy your free time with a mindful activity. 

You can sign up through IE Connects.

4. Self-Awareness Weekly Seminar: Are You Creativity?

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Image courtesy of IE Connects

The Creativity Centre is holding a weekly seminar on Tuesdays from 7 pm to 9 pm. 

They explain the purpose of the seminar on IE Connects: “This seminar will be a resource at IE intended to help you understand who you are, what is the meaning of our life, what are our barriers, how we can get rid of them when we need to.

If this sounds like something you will enjoy, you can sign up from IE Connects.

5. Dance Classes

Did you know that at the Creativity Centre, through the IE Dance club, you can get classes on dances, such as contemporary and hip-hop? 

There will be a contemporary dance class on Thursday the 19th from 6 pm to 7.25 pm. You can sign up from IE Connects.

6. Linked-In Workshop: Boost Your Profile

IE Women in Business Club in Segovia will be hosting a workshop on January 24th at 5 pm at the Segovia Campus. This workshop will help boost and set up your social presence on LinkedIn and will be a great networking event that would enhance your visibility, especially for job opportunities. 

You can register for this event also through IE Connects. Also, follow them on Instagram!

All of these events are a great way of enjoying the IE Community, whether you are looking to blow off some stress or increase your employability. There is an event for you.

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