Twice a year, IFEMA is home to Spain’s hottest fashion event. MBFW Madrid is also known as the Spanish Fashion Week, four days full of national designers’ best collections, and the presentation of emerging talents in the industry.

Due to the pandemic’s new normality, this year’s fashion event had to adapt to the unique circumstances. Although physical attendance was drastically reduced, virtually we were able to appreciate the most outstanding Spanish ready-to-wear designs.

How to Attend

It might sound challenging to assist fashion week, but usually, it’s not as much of a burden as it seems. Some shows inside MBFW are available to the public, with just one buy you can attend with your purchased ticket. Nonetheless, others are more exclusive, so here’s the trick.

First, target the fashion designer show you want to attend on the MBFW page. As the status quo, designers have press emails. If you’re qualified enough or contribute to the show promotion somehow, feel free to send an email asking for an invitation cordially. In the worst case scenario, you’ll be ghosted or denied. But you’ll never know if you try.

Highlights of MBFW:


Founded in Barcelona by Domingo Rodríguez Lazaro -also the creative director of the brand- the year 2016, Dominico is characterized by the futuristic approach of its ready-to-wear designs & the use of old patronage.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

A veteran in Spanish fashion design, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada was founded in 1981 by Agatha; the brand is nest to colorists ready to wear designs full of optimism and creativity.

JC Pajares

Founded in 1993 by the designer JC Pajares, the brand combines art and architecture to enounce femininity.

Isabel Sanchis Costura

Designed and handcrafted in Spain, Isabel Sanchis counts with years of experience in gowns, characterized by elegance and timeless pieces.


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