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El fenómeno Swift: más allá de la música

Taylor Swift se ha consolidado no solo como una talentosa cantante y compositora, sino también como una fuerza económica y cultural.

A Tale of Two Futures: Biden and Trump’s Competing Visions for America

As November draws nearer, the Stork brings you an overview of the US presidential elections and a recap regarding the main presidential candidates's track records.

Flare-Ups in Pro-Palestinian Protests Across U.S College Campuses

As the war in Gaza continues, Pro-Palestinian protests have emerged across university campuses in the U.S., long known as hotbeds for political and social movements. The Stork breaks down the form the protests are taking and the political reactions to them.

Dead Blondes: A Hollywood Phenomenon

There is an innate association between Blondness,  youth and beauty: to be blonde is to defy the drag of time. To be blonde is to be an impossibility. And no institution of cultural hegemony enforced this understanding better than Hollywood. 

What’s Going On In Myanmar?

The Stork breaks down the conflict of Myanmar and rehashes the roles of each of the prominent actors.

USA’s Foreign Aid Bill: Oil To The Fire

After turbulent negotiations, the US Congress passed a foreign aid bill that mainly aims to assist its allies Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. However, with the ongoing violence in the Gaza Strip, the bill has sparked controversy in the US and abroad. The Stork breaks down the contents of the bill and its ramifications.

From El Barrio to the World: The Socio-Economic Impacts of Reggaeton in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's economy has benefited greatly from the global success of reggaeton music, especially in the field of tourism, where it has improved revenue, increased cross-cultural exchange, and improved the island's appeal as a popular travel destination. 

A journey through the Himalayas: IE Transformational Leadership Journey 2024

During Spring break, second-year International Relations students, Angel Alonso and Borja Santos embark on a two-week journey through the Himalayas to reach Everest base camp.

Britain Limits Prescriptions of Puberty Blockers to Minors

The recently published 'Cass Review' in the UK has led the country's National Health Services to issue the decision that puberty-suppressing hormones will no longer be prescribed to minors. This decision has been met with mixed reactions and questions asking how the UK's stance on transgender care will affect the rest of the world.

Switzerland Deemed “Guilty” in Historic Climate Change Verdict

European Court of Human Rights recently ruled in favour of a climate activist group, "Klima Seniorinnen Schweiz," declaring Switzerland guilty of failing to act against climate change. A ground-breaking case, the Stork examines it and its effects on justice.


Why Doing Scary Things Is so Important

By Alexandra Marie Charlotte Stahl What truly pushes you out of your comfort zone? For some, stepping out of their comfort zone means traveling alone,...

Euro Betting Tips – Football European Championship 2024

Just in time for the European Championships, the Stork provides a guide for students to bet on the football teams participating in this year's games.

Editorial Announcement for the 2024-25 Academic Year

The academic year 2023-2024 has been an exciting period of growth for The Stork! The completely student-led and managed media outlet, with a team...