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Latin Americans Reveal Culture Shocks of Life in Spain

By Alejandra Gomescasseres ‘‘Oh, so you snort coke and sell it, right?’’ This question was posed by the first Spanish student one university freshman met...

De la indiferencia a la añoranza: Asturias a través de mis ojos

Sólo fue a través de la mirada de mis amigos, interesados por conocer Asturias, que fui capaz de ver todo desde otro punto de vista.

Will You Get Deported if You Commit a Crime?

This article is written in conjunction with the IEU Law Society. By Martina Al Rifai Hajjo As many of us IE students would agree, we love...

The Golden Opportunity: Legal Benefits of Being from a Former Spanish Colony

This article is written in conjunction with the IEU Law Society. By Stephanie Villamor Spain holds a special allure for many individuals worldwide. For those with...

Graduate Employment Prospects in Spain: A Legal Fantasy?

This article is written in conjunction with the IEU Law Society. By Vanessa Chioaru For numerous years, Spain has consistently ranked as one of the lowest...

Insights from Segovia’s Senior Locals: Wisdom for University Students

University life is not easy, so sometimes we have to turn to those who have already experienced it, and listen to their stories.

Viva España, pero ¿quién es España?

El 12 de octubre fue el Día de la Hispanidad, un día al que los madrileños le tienen especial afecto. ¿Por qué deberíamos celebrar este día?

World Cup 2030 Assigned to Spain!

FIFA has announced the six co-hosts for World Cup 2023, one of whom is Spain. In anticipation, the Stork breaks down the historical significance around host countries and explains why 2030 will be a particularly exciting year for football.

La amnistía en España: concepto, funcionamiento y debate actual

La amnistía ha sido utilizada como método de transición a la democracia. La nueva propuesta pretende solucionar el conflicto político en Cataluña.

¿Sabe qué es Club de Madrid?

El Club de Madrid es el mayor forum de antiguos presidents and primeros ministros.


South Africa v Israel: The Effectiveness of the ICJ

By Adam Paska Countries tend to translate all international conflicts or disputes into legal language to better justify their actions before the international community. There...

Algo así como ser invencibles 

Me encuentro reflexionando sobre lo que es ser invencible o inmortal en el sentido más humano.

Waiting for The Wind of Change: Democracy in the Digital Age 

If you belong to Generation Z or a younger demographic, chances are you have been profoundly impacted by the forces of globalization and digitalization. This means your life has likely been characterized by mobility, multiculturalism, and you have gained a broadened perspective about the world.