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¿Zoo o representación cultural?: El misterio del Palacio de Cristal y las Filipinas

El Palacio de Cristal fue creado para albergar una exposición sobre las islas Filipinas, lo que parece haber caído en el olvido. 

Ibiza: A Perfect Mediterranean Dream

If you are in need of some sun, sea and fun - Ibiza is the perfect destination to fly out to for a couple...

Todo por los artistas, pero sin los artistas: la nueva ley de Enseñanzas Artísticas Superiores genera rechazo

Se aprueba el proyecto de ley de Enseñanzas Artísticas Superiores, que afecta a la educación artística española por primera vez en más de treinta años.

La moción de censura de Tamames

El pasado martes, 21 de marzo de 2023, se llevó a cabo una sesión plenaria para la moción de censura al Gobierno de Pedro Sánchez.

“Only Yes Means Yes” Law: Are There Multiple Perspectives?

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of engaging in a thought-provoking conversation with one of my professors. The discussion led us to the topic of policies and policymaking processes in Spain. To be more precise, to the “only yes means yes” sexual consent law.

BarçaGate: Inside FC Barcelona’s Scandal

On Thursday, March 23, UEFA announced that they would open an investigation into Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona, and what has become known as the “Negreira Case.” The announcement is huge for Spanish soccer and sports in general, and could have dire consequences for the club.

The Art of the Weekend Trip

There comes a time in every university student’s life when you begin to feel lost at sea. The path seems to continue with no...

In Pursuit of Human Rights: Spain Adopts Reproductive and Trans Laws

On February 9, the Constitutional Court of Spain ruled in favor of the 2010 bill regarding abortion rights after a 13-year battle. Now, the...

ARCOmadrid 2023

Between February 22 and 26, art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world came to Madrid for the 42nd edition of ARCO, the Madrid International Contemporary Art Fair. The event is one of the most prominent contemporary art fairs in Spain and has been showcasing cutting-edge works of art since its opening in 1982.

The De-Africanization of Spain

The process that has been given the name “de-Africanization” refers to the denial of the relationship between Africa and Spain across centuries. Antumi explained that it also alludes to the avoiding of responsibility for slavery and colonial crimes of the past.


Greek Coast Guard Leaves Asylum Seekers at Sea

A video taken on April 11 depicts 12 asylum seekers, including children and an infant, being taken from the Greek island Lesbos and abandoned at sea. The footage was taken by Austrian politician Fayad Mulla, who has been documenting human rights violations of asylum seekers on the island for two and a half years.

The USA’s Debt Default Danger

With the impending possibility of the United States breaching its debt ceiling, the “indisputable” stability of its financial and fiscal institutions is once again questioned.

Greek Legislative Elections: New Democracy Leads but Falls Short of Majority

On May 21, Greece held its legislative elections. The party led by Kyriákos Mitsotákis, New Democracy (Νέας Δημοκρατίας), emerged as the frontrunner, securing 40.8% of the total vote. In contrast, the left-wing Syriza party received 20.1%, while the Socialist Pasok party garnered 11.7% and the Communists KKE secured 7.1%. Despite New Democracy being in the lead, the party fell short of obtaining the required majority of 45% of the votes. As a result, they claimed 146 seats in Parliament, which is five seats below the threshold of 151 needed for a parliamentary majority.