Greek Coast Guard Leaves Asylum Seekers at Sea

A video taken on April 11 depicts 12 asylum seekers, including children and an infant, being taken from the Greek island Lesbos and abandoned at sea. The footage was taken by Austrian politician Fayad Mulla, who has been documenting human rights violations of asylum seekers on the island for two and a half years.

Sudan: A Humanitarian Crisis Overshadowed by Armed Conflict

Sudan is a republic in northeastern Africa between Egypt and Eritrea, bordering the Red Sea. The country often suffers from natural disasters due to extreme weather conditions such as droughts and natural hazards. In addition, Sudan is plagued with an unstable government and an economic crisis. On April 23, conflict broke out between two armed forces groups in Sudan. 

Zelensky Tours Europe Securing Weapons for the Counteroffensive

Many different countries support Ukraine, providing it with humanitarian, economic, and military assistance. To thank these allies and seek even more support, from May 13 to 15, President Volodymyr Zelensky conducted working trips to Ukraine’s main allies. 

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