Take up The White Man’s Burden: “The blessings of civilization and progress to barbaric non-Western, non-Christian, non-white people”

What is the white man's burden nowadays? What is the mission of the white, Christian, Western man in a world made up of an infinite tapestry of cultures, traditions, religions, languages and beliefs? Why the white man is always right, and the rest is wrong? Why do democracies always have to be right even if they are not? 

El presente es un regalo, el lunes no tiene por qué ser gris

Se empieza a trabajar a los 20 años y uno se suele retirar a los 67: nos pasamos la mayoría de nuestra vida trabajando.

Center-Right Victory at the Finnish Elections

A new phase of Finland's political sphere is unfolding following the presidential elections in January 2024. With Alexander Stubb set to take up office in March 2024, the world will undoubtedly see a more involved Finland as it strengthens its alliance with NATO.

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