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Our Team

Roché Smith Rabie

Editor in Chief

A future architect who loves travel, writing and the ocean, with too many flags in her instagram bio

Nicholas Kattar

Managing Editor of Madrid

A lifelong diplomat with a seething passion for metal music and politics, who loves to learn about other cultures

Juan Pablo González

Managing Editor of Segovia

Future consultant, passionate pianist and writer. Lover of everything classical, gatherings with friends and evening walks

Paula Martínez

Social Media Manager

An extroverted architecture student with a passion for design, art and creating

Dania Espinosa de los Reyes

Public Relations Manager

Experience chaser, open minded, and friendly individual who loves socialising and being with people. Passionate about corporate communications and travelling.

Beatriz Sánchez del Río

Spanish Editor

Cinema, art, and literature lover with a great interest in cultures, politics, and languages. Always stands up for her hometown Segovia, so don’t say it’s too small!

Grace Berry

Madrid News Editor

Determined, open minded, and compassionate. Loves travelling, mental health awareness, and politics

Anika Robinson

Madrid Lifestyle Editor

Determined and charismatic with a great love for the ocean, theatre, writing, and reading

Jimena Vivian Garcia

Madrid Opinon Editor

An avid dancer with a love for writing, all things art, and a good sunset by the beach

Elena Pizzorno Knorr

Segovia News Editor

Passionate about the arts, politics and cooking. Happiest by the sea, with a journal and a good book in hand

Sofia Renard Kerkoc

Segovia Lifestyle Editor

Creative, charismatic, and kind. Lover of writing, the arts, quality time with friends and family, and good food

Maria Isabel Merino

Segovia Opinon Editor

A curious and outgoing person who is passionate about economics and politics. Loves writing, music, and travelling