Mental Health Center

Journey to IE

Why studying abroad is worth the challenges

It was only one year ago that the class of 2026–2027 was preparing their college applications. A decision that was going to determine their future and the next 4 years of their lives. Should you stay at home? Should you branch out and move...

Creativity Center

Photography, Observation, Beauty, and Creativity: A Journey Unveiled by Paula Rosell

Paula Rosell, a celebrated fine art photographer, creative director, and digital content creator, masterfully delves into the four fundamental principles of photography: photography, observation, beauty, and creativity.

Inside Ivan Montero’s Studio: A Piece of Heaven Hidden in the Historic City Walls

Ivan Montero is an artist who perfectly fits the IE portfolio – having lived and worked in Germany, the United States, Mexico, Romania, France, and many more countries. Despite his international customer base, he has chosen Segovia as his...

Behind The Scenes: the Creativity Center

This past week I had the opportunity to meet with Juan Carlos Redondo, to interview him on the exhibit he recently curated at the Creativity Center, Amor e Sapienza by Paula Rossell.  Moreover, I wanted to ask more questions in...

Seasons with the Stork






Dead Blondes: A Hollywood Phenomenon

There is an innate association between Blondness,  youth and beauty: to be blonde is to defy the drag of time. To be blonde is to be an impossibility. And no institution of cultural hegemony enforced this understanding better than Hollywood. 

Seasonal Selections: Three Books Perfect for Autumn

We bring you three recommendations for you to spend these cool Autumn days cuddled up with a good book.

Museo Sorrolla: An unforgettable art experience

Museo Sorolla, settled within a rich gardenscape and behind an old-fashioned gate, is an art museum that will undoubtedly take your breath away.  This museum showcases the work and life...


A Missing Chapter: Women and Science

Women’s role in science has been discussed for over centuries, with opinions ranging from “burn them at the stake” to “they are just as intellectually capable as men”. But have you ever thought about how science has been treating women?

The Girl-Reclamation of the Girl prefix

Women's Month has come just in time to reflect on the new prefix in town, girl. We’ve seen girl-dinner, girl-math, what's girl-next?

To Norman Kurtis, an Inspiration to the IE community

The IE community continues to mourn his passing, but kindly remembers his contributions to the University, here is a toast to Norman Kurtis!


Dry Dull Discomfort: 5 Skin Tips for Cold Weather

It’s that time of year, when the weather gets colder and we get cozier. Whether you’re a fan of the cold or not, your hair and skin probably aren't!

FOMO: A University Student’s Biggest Enemy

There’s a phenomenon that tends to be common among university students, a phenomenon that for some has never been a problem, and for others can be confusing and frustrating. I'm talking about FOMO.

The Importance of Unplugging when Attending a Paperless University

How do we balance going to university that mandates laptops instead of notebooks when so much is on the line?