A journey through the Himalayas: IE Transformational Leadership Journey 2024

During Spring break, second-year International Relations students, Angel Alonso and Borja Santos embark on a two-week journey through the Himalayas to reach Everest base camp.

The Power of Language: How Language Shapes People, Culture, and Politics

We are limited to what we can verbalise through language; we cannot give meaning to something without the use of language. Thus, our perception of the world is intricately tied to this tool of communication that humanity has devised. 

Why are some countries more developed than others?

When analysing the level of development in countries, an often-mentioned case is the comparison between the United States and Mexico, two former colonies, both of which had a starting point after gaining independence. The question is, how, being neighbours, did the Americans achieve much higher levels of human development than their Latin neighbours during the interwar period and especially in the last 70 years? 

Take up The White Man’s Burden: “The blessings of civilization and progress to barbaric non-Western, non-Christian, non-white people”

What is the white man's burden nowadays? What is the mission of the white, Christian, Western man in a world made up of an infinite tapestry of cultures, traditions, religions, languages and beliefs? Why the white man is always right, and the rest is wrong? Why do democracies always have to be right even if they are not? 

Are measures against using Artificial Intelligence at IE University driving Innovation?

Are the measures IE has taken since the launch of Generative AI a trend in the professor’s teaching and evaluation methods to prevent students from using AI in written assignments?

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