Commodified Holidays and Lost Priorities

All the while candy brands change their logos to pastel colors, inclining people who celebrate Easter to purchase their products. It is strange that Gen Z and the current youth grew up with such commodified holiday experiences. Their paternal and maternal generations certainly did not experience it to the same exaggerated degree. 

Food Sourcing in the US: Problems and Solutions

For food distributors in the US, it is much cheaper to make their products in an overly unnatural manner than to maintain a slow farming structure. It is also faster, making the market of consumers larger and the output levels of food higher.

The Glorification of Dirty Money

The narcos are a unique death carrier; while the state and the guerrillas were enveloped by a primarily political war, the narcos exploited such instability for personal gain. Colombia was in its most vulnerable state, and people like Pablo Escobar and the Ochoa family used it as a money making opportunity.

The Decline in Global Democratic Values

The last decade of global politics has enabled a rise of ideological extremism. The rejection of democratic election results poses a growing threat to the core of liberal democracies. At the center of the vote is its universality and the ideal of free and fair elections, both of which these countries have complied to with a credible standard.

The Faults of Corporate Media

The danger that private media poses is not limited to its audience, however. Journalists are forced to compromise their honesty in exchange for job stability. Privatization of journalism has led many to lose their journalistic integrity in the process of starting their careers.

Eloise Dayrat

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