The Unavoidable Future: Collaboration between AI and Higher Education

An urgent renovation in higher education’s approach to AI is needed. More so than needed, it is inevitable. It is in the same manner as it was for computers and calculators; their implementation in the classroom and for math were once pivotal debates relevant to education that have now become trivial. 

IE Labs Enrollment: Technology Has Failed Students Again

The optimal solution to the labs issue is an application-based labs enrollment. Here, students would have a few weeks to send in their applications to their preferred labs. Followed by a review period where the applications would be considered.

Win Some, Lose Some: IE Students’ Hidden Costs from Technological Gains

It’s important to take both the students and the progress of the institution into account when making policy. IE should provide certain paper-based resources – like printers, textbooks, and even some paper towels – while still promoting their digitality and moving toward a world of strong digital substitutes.

This Fall’s Fashion Guide

If you don’t want to be blindsided by what a new season with new fashion means, no worries. Now is the time to explore some of the definite dos and definite (subjective) don’ts of fall fashion. 

Eloise Dayrat

I am a first year LLBBIR student. I am Colombian and French, but grew up in the US. I am also lactose intolerant, but my breakfast is still yogurt every morning. Sometimes I order my coffee with oat milk in it to compensate. I love music and spend the entirety of my excessively long metro ride to IE discovering artists. I love to run – that is when I don’t have class at 8am. And, I like to write, particularly about politics, history, and social movements and relations.
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