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Critics Sound Alarm on New Hong Kong Security Law, “Article 23”

In March 2024, the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region pasted the 'Safeguarding National Security Bill," also known as "Article 23." The new law is believed by many to endanger human rights, triggering protests in Hong Kong. The Stork breaks down the law and the reactions it has received thus far.

Equality and Prosperity: You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Social policy and economic policy need to be thought of as going hand-in-hand, in all respects. Without freedom, we cannot have prosperity.

A Bittersweet Ending: The 2024 Oscars Ceremony

The 2024 Oscars Ceremony brought about much excitement for fans of the film industry, but also acknowledged the state of the world today through the movies represented on the Oscars' stage.

A Journey of 15,000 Animals Rescued in Ukraine

In a world divided by conflict, it is difficult to find any slice of good. However, there are many underrated heroes that remain unnoticed by the public eye. The Stork celebrates some of these heroes, who put themselves at risk everyday to save animals in danger during the Ukrainian war, victims that are often forgotten.

Liberal, except for Palestine: Unraveling the utter failure of Liberalism in the war on Gaza. 

While the fear of another Nakba has lingered within every Palestinian for the past 75 years, the emergence of peacekeeping international organizations and international law conventions has been a beacon of hope for Palestinians. 

One Hit Wonder?: Bangladesh’s Shaky Economic Future

How many times have you looked at the tag of a piece of clothing in a store and saw “Made in Bangladesh”? From producing things like T-shirts to jeans to many other simple clothing apparels, the country has been applauded by the international community for the way it has harnessed the power of the industry to employ millions of people, especially women, and drastically reduce extreme poverty domestically.

Escritoras a tiempo completo

Las mujeres han escrito desde el principio, aunque desde una tímida ventana.

The Death of Alexei Navalny is Not the Death of His Dream for Russia

The Stork breaks down the events surrounding Alexei Navalny's death leading up to his funeral on 1 March 2024, as well as his wife Yulia Navalnaya's conviction to keep his spirit alive.

Your Boycotts Won’t Stop Unfair Labour

You have power as a consumer, but only when you use all your resources. It’s important to think about who feels better from your personal boycott: the child you aim to help, or yourself?

Why are Tractors and Farmers taking over the Streets of Brussels?

On February 1, columns of tractors rumbled through the streets of Brussels as farmers from all across the European Union converged on the European...


Yellowstone: A Wild Ride Through America’s Racial Frontier

Yellowstone, a TV series that is set in the countryside of Montana, specifically the national park of Yellowstone, portrays the modern battle of the old game between Cowboys and Native Americans. It’s a tale as old as time, or at least as old as colonialism, where the land is the ultimate prize and everyone else is just a pawn in the game.

Deadliest ISIS Attack on European Soil

What do both ISIS and Russia have in common? The intuitive answer might be nothing besides the killings and attacks on innocent civilians. That was until the Moscow attack took place on March 22nd.

A Missing Chapter: Women and Science

Women’s role in science has been discussed for over centuries, with opinions ranging from “burn them at the stake” to “they are just as intellectually capable as men”. But have you ever thought about how science has been treating women?