How Well Does IE’s Vertical Race Promote Happiness Through Exercise?

The IE Vertical Race took place on March 20th, on International Happiness Day, and in the middle of IE’s Happiness Week. So, how well does the Vertical Race promote happiness and mental wellbeing?

IE Student Government Debate: It is Time for IE Students to Take Student Government Seriously

The debate for the next student government took place last week, with 6 parties (White Canvas, Unity, Sultan, Nexus, Bridges, and Voice and Vision) taking part. While the candidates seemed passionate and for the most part prepared, most of the student body did not seem to care about the elections.

Was the US Right to Block the WTO Dispute Settlement?

The United States (US) was traditionally one of the most firm supporters of international trade liberalization, and used to be one of the strongest backers of the World Trade Organization (WTO) system.

Should you morally blame people for things outside their control?

However, can we really say that a driver who goes too fast and does not kill anyone has done something less morally reprehensible than a driver who goes just as fast but kills a child? At first glance, the answer seems obvious.

Should We Really Be Switching to Digital School Libraries?

In conclusion, both digital and physical libraries are valuable. I definitely welcome the use and promotion of online collections of books and have often relied on them for both personal and professional reading.

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