Can Meritocracy Ever Be Fair?

In a perfectly meritocratic state, each role would be filled by the person most qualified to fill it regardless of factors such as social background, gender, or race. On the surface, this system seems ideal. However, there has been some backlash to the idea of evaluating people based on talent or accomplishments in recent years.

Our approach to diversity needs to evolve

Instead of focusing on the percentage of a demographic group in a given context, we need to focus on the barriers that the group faces. Our work is done when all those barriers are removed, not when quotas artificially increase representation.

Academic journals need to incentivize sharing null results

Imagine you’re a researcher trying to prove that wealth is positively correlated with happiness. You conduct your study, but you don’t find enough evidence...

Skilled workers beware: AI is coming for your jobs too

Innovation and technological development inevitably spark backlash. The most famous example of opposition to automation is the Luddite movement. Before the industrial revolution, most...

Should you obey immoral laws?

We have several options when a government passes an unjust law. We can obey it without trying to change it, we can obey it...

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