“La Malinche” Musical: A Celebration of History and Culture


Want to embark on a unique and culturally enriching experience here in Madrid? I highly recommend the La Malinche musical! 

This captivating production offers an exceptional theatrical experience and a chance to delve into Mexico and Spain’s rich history and cultural fusion right here, in the heart of our country. It’s an excellent alternative to the typical Madrid itinerary, with pre- and post-show offers, making it a standout choice for an unforgettable experience. 

Keep reading to uncover the musical’s historical backdrop, explore the production’s captivating elements, and delve into exciting experiences beyond the show!

Historical Context

The musical takes its name from one of the most significant figures in the history of both Mexico and Spain: Malinche, also known as Malintzin. She was born in Veracruz, Mexico, and was part of the Aztec Empire. At a young age, the Mayans took her as an enslaved person, giving her a unique perspective on Aztec and Mayan cultures and languages.

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In addition, Hernan Cortes, a Spanish soldier and explorer, played a pivotal role in the history of this era. He served as a soldier in an expedition to Cuba in 1511 and later led his expedition to Mexico in 1519. Upon arriving in Mexico, Cortes encountered a woman who would become his lover and the perfect ‘tool’ for his conquest of the region: La Malinche, who quickly learned Spanish and served as an interpreter and advisor to Cortes and his men. 

La Malinche’s role was especially vital in mediating between Cortes and Aztec Emperor Moctezuma II. Their story unfolds through battles, the beginnings of native evangelization, and the birth of their child, the first “mestizo” (mixed-race) baby in Mexico, symbolizing the fusion of Spanish and indigenous cultures.

The Musical

La Malinche, created by Nacho Cano, a renowned musician and founding member of the Spanish band Mecano, premiered on September 15th in Madrid. The musical has captivated over 200,000 spectators since. 

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Nacho Cano, author of La Malinche. Image courtesy of malinchethemusical.com

It tells the story of La Malinche and Hernan Cortes, offering a simplified narrative of their backgrounds, roles in the Spanish Conquest, and romance. The production skillfully integrates elements from both Mexican and Spanish cultures, celebrating the unity and richness of these two heritages.

La Malinche is a groundbreaking production, combining the unlikely fusion of flamenco and hip-hop, two distinct musical and dance genres. The musical enthralls the audience with catchy songs, stunning stage sets, captivating costumes, and a highly talented cast, delivering a powerful message of love and unity. The dancers’ choreography and the singers’ voices will send chills down your spine. 

Tickets for the production in Madrid are available on the website until December, in both Spanish and English versions, ensuring that this remarkable experience is accessible to a diverse audience.

Purchase your tickets here.

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An Experience Beyond the Musical

La Malinche, the musical, is more than just a musical; it presents a comprehensive experience. 

The musical is staged at the IFEMA center in Madrid, where attendees can enjoy the show and indulge in food and entertainment. The entrance and exit area, known as Templo Canalla, sets the stage for a memorable experience with Mexican-Spanish gastronomic fusion, cocktails, and a DJ. The decor immerses visitors in the thematic ambiance, and a section within the area features an array of La Malinche merchandise. Outside the venue is a cozy terrace with a Tiki-Tako food truck serving Mexican food and drinks, perfect for pre- or post-show relaxation.

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In summary, La Malinche is not just a musical but a celebration of history, culture, and the power of artistic innovation. It fuses the tales of La Malinche and Hernan Cortes into a captivating narrative that highlights the unity of Mexican and Spanish cultures, leaving a lasting impression on its audience.

Tickets for the production in Madrid are available on the website until December in Spanish and English versions.

Purchase your tickets here before it is too late.

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