Bella Vita on Campus: Inside the Italian Society at IE University

Love their food? Their language? Their state of mind? Be sure to partake in the Italian culture at IE University through the Italian Society!

Synesthesia: A Multisensory Exhibition

IE University's Creativity Center in Segovia hosted a dionysiac exhibition called Synesthesia for some time. Discover now.

Ghost Of Our Cities

This semester, while questioning my future profession and current passion, architecture, I saw nothing in its history that resembled me.  When I entered classes, in...

How can I help those affected by the Feburary 6 Earthquake?

In the early hours of Feburary 6, Turkey and Syria were both awoken by the quakes of a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. This earthquake, later...

How to Be Organized with The Bliss Bean

Starting a new semester is a great time to set new intentions for yourself. Many students like myself, at times, find it difficult to...

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