Photography, Observation, Beauty, and Creativity: A Journey Unveiled by Paula Rosell


In a world inundated with images, the art of photography stands as a testament to human creativity and the quest to capture life’s beauty and emotion. Paula Rosell, a celebrated fine art photographer, creative director, and digital content creator, masterfully delves into the four fundamental principles of photography: photography, observation, beauty, and creativity. 

Her enlightening workshop at the Creativity Center, organized by the IEU Photo Club in Segovia, offered an intimate exploration of these principles, igniting a newfound passion for the art of capturing life’s nuances and emotions through the lens.

Rosell: The Artist Behind the Photograph

Paula Rosell is more than just a photographer; she’s a storyteller who skillfully weaves tales of sensitivity, artistry, and emotion. Her work transcends the mere visual; it’s an experience for the viewer. Through still images, she elevates the medium’s artistic value and conveys profound emotions. Rosell believes that “even simple activities like travel, gastronomy, and experiences can also be told in a special way”.

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Image courtesy of El Adelantado de Segovia

Observation: Shaping Reality through the Lens

Rosell’s workshop commenced with a quote that set the tone for the exploration of observation: “Accept the impossible and the unpredictable as part of reality.” Participants were guided through a captivating journey as they delved into the works of other renowned photographers like Letizia Battaglia, Luigi Ghirri, and Dora Maar. Each artist’s unique style showcased how reality can be interpreted through the eyes of the beholder. The workshop was a powerful reminder that perspectives are as diverse as the individuals behind the lens. With the art of photography being so accessible thanks to our phones, the limits of what moments, visions, and emotions we can capture are endless.

Creativity: A Tale of Two Captures

In the chapter on creativity, Rosell compared Alfred Eisenstaedt’s iconic V-J Day in Times Square and Robert Doisneau’s legendary Kiss at City Hall photographs. Although these images share a similar premise and composition, they differ fundamentally in their capture process and the emotions they evoke. Rosell’s insightful analysis showcased the limitless possibilities for creativity in photography.

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Image courtesy of Paula Rosell

Beauty: Beyond the Surface

The discussion on beauty was, in my opinion, the most captivating segment of the workshop. Rosell screened B E A U T Y, an award-winning video by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro. This video redefined beauty by depicting it through a series of animated paintings and music. The images ranged from innocent depictions of life to graphic scenes of pain and rage. Participants were invited to share their interpretations, concluding that beauty extends beyond the realm of physical appearance to encompass experiences like birth and death.

Rosell passionately conveyed that beauty is, above all, an emotion, not merely a matter of physicality. She encapsulated this idea with the quote, “In order to take a photo, I need to be emotionally moved,” by photographer Christina Rodero. “The rejection of reality,” she emphasized, “is the acceptance of beauty.”

To further broaden the participants’ perspectives, Rosell shared one of her favorite subjects to photograph: hands. She showed a series of pictures of hands she had taken and invited the viewers to sense the emotions the hands conveyed.

Her first personal exhibition, Amor e Sapienza, displayed a decade of her travels in Rome, illustrating how beauty is inherent in everyday life. Rosell left a lasting mark by affirming, “truth and beauty are the same thing for either photographer, painter, or sculptor,” and sharing a unique book titled La Belleza, which invites individuals to contribute handwritten statements on their perception of beauty.

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Image courtesy of Paula Rosell

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Image courtesy of Paula Rosell

Photography: The Power of Conceptualization

The final chapter of this transformative journey focused on the essence of photography itself. Rosell underscored the importance of intention in every image captured. She displayed seemingly simple photographs, which, upon closer examination, revealed stories encapsulated by intentional composition. The key message she imparted was clear: success is not determined by fame or financial gain; it’s defined by the happiness it brings to you. Living intentionally, and conceptualizing how you want to become is the key.

A Journey of Enlightenment

For the participants and myself, the workshop with Paula Rosell was an extraordinary, intimate encounter with a visionary and creative professional. It transcended the boundaries of photography, allowing us to perceive images with newfound depth and understanding. The revelation that beauty is not confined to physicality but is, in fact, an emotion, was a profound awakening. In a generation often swayed by superficial standards of beauty, this newfound perspective resonated deeply within us.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Paula Rosell and the IEU Photo Club for orchestrating this enriching experience. They have not only expanded our horizons in the world of photography and art but have also ignited a lifelong passion for exploring the world through the lens, uncovering beauty in its myriad forms, and embracing the power of creativity and observation. In the end, we discovered that photography is not just about capturing images; it’s about capturing the essence of life itself.

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