A Missing Chapter: Women and Science

Women’s role in science has been discussed for over centuries, with opinions ranging from “burn them at the stake” to “they are just as intellectually capable as men”. But have you ever thought about how science has been treating women?

Get Rid of Public Speaking Jitters For First Timers

From meticulously preparing your speech, through practicing it over and over again, to the very last moment when you are peeking through the curtains, it all leads to that awful feeling when your stomach drops with a bundle of nerves. Here are some tips for an outstanding perfromance.

Spring Ball – What Can We Expect?

Prepare your fanciest attire, get ready for modern music by IE’s most loved DJs, and enjoy the upcoming Spring Ball. Here’s everything we know so far!

Voices of Unity: A Firsthand Account of the Serbian Demonstrations

I saw University professors, agriculture workers I met during ecological protests two years ago, students, and parents with children. I saw the most fierce and honest reflection of Serbia.

Reflection at the Heart of Creative Expression

Have you ever suffered from the  infamous “creative block”? A bane to every artist's existence, the creative block often has us beating around the bush in hopes of finding an accidental epiphany.

Ljubica Ognjenović

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