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Bottomless mimosas, eggs benedicts, waffles, and other staple breakfast foods have become synonymous with brunch, and are now always the highlights of people’s posts on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Brunch has become an iconic and popular social gathering for students and young adults. Its popularity has spread by being the type of activity that allows us to slow down, take a break and enjoy the simplicity and comfort of good company and a filling meal. Since students and young adults are very busy due to their tight schedules and activities, brunch has become the perfect remedy for disconnecting from hectic everyday life. Whether you are getting dressed up to have a cute meal with friends or ended up missing breakfast because you are still recovering from a night out or even a just a bad hangover, brunch has become a key component of pop culture. 

Madrid is home to a large international community and with that comes many great brunch places at every corner. When looking for the perfect brunch place you must remember that the concept of brunch is very versatile and can manifest itself very differently in a variety of gastronomies. Much of today’s brunch food has become a fusion of popular dishes and ingredients that are given their own unique twist to attract a younger and curious crowd. When picking out your brunch location it’s good to have an idea of what characteristics and environments you enjoy and you believe will truly embody the “brunch pop culture” experience. For a brunch place to truly captivate the easy going that is brunch, we love to see places with a happy, careless, and timeless ambiance. Below are five places we recommend visiting for a great brunch day in Madrid.    

Zenith Brunch & Cocktail:

Not to be confused with the new club, Zenith is a great restaurant where you can order delicious brunch and even some cocktails. In the heart of malasaña, it serves brunch food all day and everyday. The pricing ranges from 8€ and 12€ per meal and the location has a cute and rustic feel that embodies the comfort of traditional brunch. A staple for IE students, don’t be surprised if you see a familiar face also munching down. Zenith is the perfect place finding and fulfilling those cravings for a classical brunch.

Zenith 3
Illustration courtesy of @zenithmadrid
Zenith 2

Religion Coffee:

If you’re looking for a relaxing and comfy place to drink coffee and enjoy some scrumptious brunch items. Religion is very famous for their coffee and about sustainability and quality  behind the production of coffee, so if you are a coffee enthusiast this is the place for you. Ranging between 4€ and 11€, this coffee shop is the perfect place to relax with friends and enjoy some typical brunch food such as delicious bagels, and açaí bowls. Before grabbing a workroom at the Maria de Molina campus just around the corner, swing by Religion for a respite before a day full  of studying.

Religion coffee 1 1
Illustration courtesy of @religioncoffee_
Religion coffee 2


Taste the exotic flavors of Mexican brunch and cocktails that can challenge your taste buds in having a non traditional meal. Located at puerta de alcala, this Mexican restaurant is great for having fresh and savory dishes alongside some classic cocktails. Their outside terrance allows for a breezy and chill atmosphere accompanied by Mexican seafood such as ceviches and cocktails like micheladas. Mexican food tends to have some type of salsa as a base. Most salsas incorporate spicy and acidic flavors that are combined to create a unique culinary experience. The prices of the restaurant vary between 13€ and 25€ and have a variety of dishes and options. 

Illustration courtesy of @bakanmadrid

La Rotonda:

A buffet style breakfast accompanied by live opera, under a stained glass dome La Rotonda provides a classy experience for brunch. This restaurant is perfect for dressing up with friends or for a special event. The menu costs 95€ per person and includes a wide selection of savory and sweet dishes and bottomless mimosas and other beverages. The experience is bougie and flamboyant and a perfect place to take amazing pictures and be surrounded by stunning architecture and classical music that transports you to another time period. Although the pricing is a bit high, the experience is unparalleled to anything you could find elsewhere in the city. 

Rotonda 1
Illustration courtesy of La Rotonda restaurant
RRotonda 2

La Mucca:

You’ve probably seen this restaurant branch around all of Madrid. If so, you are probably familiar with its brunch menu for Saturday and Sunday. This menu is perfect for you if you have a large appetite and a restricted budget. The menu consists of classical breakfast and brunch items that will comfort your stomach. Although not prepared in the most traditional Mexican way, the chilaquiles here are the perfect hangover snack to get you through your day.

Mucca 1
Illustration courtesy of @lamucca
Mucca 2 2

Brunch is not just about filling and comforting foods that hug your tastebuds, but about capturing warm experiences with friends in a relaxed environment. After a long week of stressful classes and hectic schedules, a Saturday or Sunday brunch might be just what you need. To have meaningful and cheerful conversations with friends by laughing over mimosas and allow yourself to disconnect from the stress of assignments, projects, exams, extra curricular activities, and any other everyday stress.

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