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This past week I had the opportunity to meet with Juan Carlos Redondo, to interview him on the exhibit he recently curated at the Creativity Center, Amor e Sapienza by Paula Rossell. 

exhibiton space 1
Exhibition space image courtesy of Nisa Serin

Moreover, I wanted to ask more questions in regard to IE’s art community, the intricacies of the Creativity Center, and much more!

Nisa: Can the artists of our university, the students, also maybe apply to create exhibitions in the Creativity Center? Is that a possibility? Is that something that is offered to students?

Juan Carlos: Go for it and do it. Okay? Go for it and do it! Because sometimes I feel there is hesitation in young people. I love working with young people because I learned a lot and I think I can share my own expertise. And sometimes I feel hesitation from the students to just go for it, to ask, to share ideas. Don’t keep them to yourself. We had exhibitions from students in the past. I remember a student from architecture, who had enough work to fill up a big gallery but obviously not every new artist has that much work. We then also had another exhibition for a Vietnamese architecture student. But the tip is: go for it. Get in touch, and tell us. Almost everything is possible.

N: Have you ever considered giving a seminar?

JC: That’s interesting. Yes, [I have, and] we will. Because at the end of the day, art combines well with any other methodology in mind, and it actually contains most of the methodologies themselves. It’s a business, actually. It’s one of the most profitable businesses nowadays. But in the end, also, it is the one that counterparts business and complements the business. So, yes, we will be happy. 

N: How do you feel about performance art pieces? Are they in the scope of the art Creativity Center offers?

Absolutely. There is no limit. Absolutely. Art is the one that pushes the boundaries. And art is a domain that can somehow be nosy about pushing the boundaries. Art has these powers to push the boundaries [which] is necessary because, by means of art, we experience things that might be of benefit to our day-to-day, because we practice and we touch base. And again, almost anything is possible in the Creativity Center. So, we’d be super happy to see it.

N: Do you have any final remarks or anything that you want to tell our readers about?

JC: It’s difficult to engage audiences becoming more than a challenge. That’s true. I love it, but it’s becoming more than a challenge. I would keep saying go for things. Because the most difficult part for us is convincing you guys about something. Messenger has a difficult task nowadays. You should not hesitate so much about going, about participating in experiences only by means of doing it, you will learn! And from my perspective, it was really difficult to convince the students to go to something, which I understand, because I have to convince them of something, among a lot of things. But if you feel something, go for it.

I want to thank the creative director Juan Carlos for his time, and the great interview. The creativity center is evermore so developing and ready to be in service for the students at the Segovia campus. It is a great reminder and opportunity to socialize with the IE community, network, learn, and be creative!

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