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A very pink and very eccentric burger joint has just opened in the heart of Madrid. Inspired by the sassiness and unapologetic nature of drag queens, it sits in the perfect location between el centro and El Museo del Prado. Two bright pink doors open to the streets of Madrid and stand as a vibrant oasis in comparison to the rest of the minimalist buildings in Madrid. Its maximalist and y2k feminine features greet the eye with a scrumptious aroma of juicy burgers. Last year, two best friends set out to take on Madrid in their own fashion by selling a burger experience like no other. The company was originally launched in Georgia by two stylish girls, Nutsa Gvelesiani and Iru khundadze, and their shared passion for entrepreneurship.

These two childhood best friends found themselves back home in Tbilisi after many years abroad due to the complicated circumstances that the COVID-19 pandemic brought about. With great uncertainty, fear of missing out on internship opportunities, worrying about college, and on top of it all running low on their savings, they turned to their passion for food. First, they began experimenting with burgers as a way to pass time during quarantine and eventually developed a business model. The Foodgoddesses wanted a way to bring the comfort of fast food with healthy, high quality ingredients, and a presentation like no other.  “We believe that it happened for a reason, that we ended up in Georgia for almost a year instead of three months” says co-owner Iru.

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They started with $1500 and built their first restaurant from the ground up.  After great success in their hometown, they ventured off to Madrid to continue following their dreams. This past weekend their new restaurant was inaugurated with a successful launch. Both owners who have two very distinguished personalities and styles have managed to merge their identities into a unique aesthetic. The opening of Munchies was as warm and energetic as the owners themselves and the burgers were juicy and extremely flavorful. With their bright smiles and enthusiastic personalities, they greet everyone in the neighbourhood and hope that with the success of the restaurant, they will be able to create scholarships for students that study abroad! 

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The menu’s simplistic selection allows for delicate and well-mastered flavors and textures. Whether you choose a classic cheeseburger, spicy burger or vegan burger, the softness of the bread and tenderness of the patty will definitely complement your tastebuds. The owners, and best friends are not just selling burgers, but provide a colorful and sensational experience. This is the perfect place to grab a quick and delicious meal with friends and enjoy the youthful, yet mischievous essence of the decoration.  Everything is Pink. Everything is Camp. The aesthetic of the restaurant makes it the perfect place to take pictures, hangout with friends, and support women in business. If you are ever craving a burger and you want a flamboyant atmosphere, Munchies is the right place for you!  

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