Realistic Ways to Stay Fit Without a Gym This Summer


We’re halfway through summer which means that by now, we’re all living our best life with an amazing tan. One of the beauties of summer, and the only good thing about the heat that accompanies it, is being able to spend your days in your bathing suits, meaning less worrying about what outfit to wear! Those beach days or lazy days by the pool where we can finally relax are what most of us dream of year-round. Summer also means eating delicious meals, lots of snacking and fruity drinks throughout the day (sea water does make one hungry). 

This summer I’ve noticed that most people are torn between indulging in that second piece of cake or simply opting for a salad, afraid that the summer body they worked so hard to have would disappear before the end of summer. Let’s be honest, we all want to be looking our best, because you never know who you might meet! 😉

At the same time, summer is the time for indulgence, to enjoy everything that is put in front of you (especially food wise!). Nobody wants to replace those morning lie-ins with a long gym session, especially if you’re travelling around. So, here are a few tips and tricks to keep fit throughout this last month’s vacation if you don’t have access to a gym!

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Walking is the best form of exercise and the easiest one to do! Instead of taking an Uber or the bus, try walking everywhere you go. Trust me, you’ll see the city in a new light and discover so many things you normally wouldn’t be able to see from a car. So, make the effort, leave home a little earlier and get those steps in. It’s an amazing form of exercise that you can do anywhere at your own pace! Whether its a leisurely stroll on the beach or a fast paced hike up a mountain, make sure that the way you are moving your body works for you! And take the time to enjoy the view. 

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Take the Stairs!

I’m the first to admit, it’s hard to resist an elevator. But, if you’re only going up a floor or three, make the effort and take the stairs. It’s only a small delay and the perfect chance to work those leg muscles a bit. Plus, you’ll seem very fit to everyone waiting for the elevator 😉

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Sea water and pool water aren’t just to cool down! Go for a long swim, it’s an amazing full body cardio workout. If you’re by the sea, go for a snorkel and discover what the sea has to offer. And, if you have a pool, make an effort and get in a few laps throughout the day. You can even divide your laps between morning and afternoon to not make it seem so long. You don’t have to be an Olympian to use swimming as a form of exercise!

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Try out Watersports!

These can range from paddleboarding to kayaking to windsurfing and are a blast! They’re the perfect new summer sport to try out, and you can even convince your friends to join. Sports are also the best way to meet new people, you might even meet great summer friends. 

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Jump Rope! (trust me it’s not just not elementary school girls)

Don’t underestimate the jump rope. What’s so perfect about it is that it’s one piece of equipment that you can bring it with you everywhere, no matter how far your next destination is. It’s a full body workout that can easily be done while listening to a podcast or watching your favorite Netflix show!

There you have it! These are the ways I’ve found to be the most effective (and realistic) ways to stay fit throughout the summer without having to have a gym membership. Vacation shouldn’t mean stressing about burning calories and depriving yourself of all those lovely foods. It should instead be about enjoying your well deserved rest and time off while keeping yourself happy and healthy. And remember everybody has a summer body!

Hope this helps and if you have any other suggestions, write them below in the comments!

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