Guys Have Feelings Too


According to, there’s an established stereotype that guys don’t have feelings. More than a fixed idea, it is a conclusion established by women who over centuries have suffered from guys’ trivial decisions and unreadable emotions. Nonetheless, although guys are tough to read, they express emotions differently, proving they have feelings too.

Men and women are different in many aspects, but when it comes to emotions, men are tough cookies. We’ve always heard among colleagues how odd it is to see a guy crying, or expressively demonstrate emotions toward a loved one, or in other words, that they don’t actually “feel”. 

“I’ve never seen any of my friends cry, that would be awkward.” Matteo, 19. 

The true fact is that like all human beings do have a heart, they just manage and control their feelings differently.

“Us girls are always the ones that truly speak with our emotions, guys just act up.” Victoria, 19

Blame it all on society standards, as long as we all remember that society has portrayed men who show their emotions as an indication of weakness and femininity, making guys feel undervalued among their peers, with no other alternative than hiding their feelings. This can be a lack of emotional agility on some men, but since this has been established for as long as the world can remember, it is seen as equally valuable and accepted.

“It feels weird to cry, real men don’t cry, only girls cry over things, man act up and go on with life.” Anonymous

Indeed, not expressing your feelings may bring a bunch of unhealthy psychological consequences. The most common one is developing different anxieties which in a long term can affect your mindset and the way you live life. But most importantly, it holds you from being authentic, being your true self. Your vibe attracts your tribe, so according to the feelings, values, and principles you portray to the world you will attract the relationships that you need. Hiding emotions deprives you of that possibility.

I’m not saying that all guys are saints and neither am I saying they are all devils, but next time you’re overconsumed by the idea that “x guy” is unreadable and very difficult to understand, take into account that we all have feelings. They are just a little scared to put themselves out there based on society’s idealistic terms and standards about how a guy should be. 

For the guys battling with sharing their emotions, it may be a win-win for you too: 

After surveying over 1,500 people, our results show exactly that: ladies much prefer a man who is comfortable with showing emotions”. Elite Magazine

Everyone’s true self is attractive, so don’t let society’s perceptions turn your emotions into misconceptions. Showing your emotions is a critical component to grow in our everyday lives.


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