IE’s Student Support Resources for Those Affected by the Conflict in the Middle East


We deeply lament the tragic series of unfortunate events that have taken place in the last weeks. We would like to highlight the resources that IE offers for anyone who finds themselves in a vulnerable state or in a position of need following these events. IE is offering academic flexibility to those being affected directly.

Please contact your program management representative to understand the different adaptations available that might work best for individual situations. 

Counseling Services 

Bachelor students: 

For further support, students can access IE’s psychological counseling services at: to book an appointment or visit IE Connects My Well-being for psychological support. 

Masters students: 

IE offers counseling via iFeel, where students will find support with therapists and psychologists. Students can access IE Connects My Well-being for additional help.

Students can also contact an IE institutional representative that they trust for further help.

Nondiscrimination and Anti Harassment Policy Procedures

IE fosters a community of safety and inclusion with absolutely no tolerance for harassment or discriminatory behavior. To learn more, please read the IE Nondiscrimination and Anti Harassment Policy Procedures.

In the case of witnessing this unacceptable behavior on campus, please report it to the diversity line. 

We encourage and stand for peace. 

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