IE Women’s football: Second game of 2020 


Last Sunday, the IE team played their second game since the women returned from Winter Break. Having acquired five new players, the team was positive about that game, however, they were confronting one of the strongest teams in the league.

This time there was more availability in terms of players, and thus definitely more substitutes than the last game. The IE team played very hard and demonstrated a high level of motivation on the field. The new girls got along with their teammates as if they had always played together. Nevertheless, the opponent was strong; and its members have been playing together for years. Even if the IE team played one of its best games, the final score did not truly reflect this. They lost 11-3. Pary scored 2 goals, bringing the team more confidence, one of them being a half-volley. The third one was an own-goal.

After the game, the team was brought together to discuss what went wrong in a safe space. Everyone agreed that the lack of communication on the field was a major problem. The team also concurred that even under stress, players should not panic and kick the ball away. Instead, they should take some time to think and breathe before making a decision. Something they all know and are all willing to work on in future trainings.

Yesterday, during Athletics’ day, the team members came together and decided on having more social events this semester in order, to give more opportunities for the new players to integrate within the team. The first one should take place after training on Tuesday, 21 of January.  

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