IE Women’s Football: First Game of 2020


Last Sunday, January 12th, the IE team played their first game of the year after a long and well deserved Winter Break. The team only had the possibility to practice once after the holidays and lacked most of its players. In fact, the team played a 7v7 game with no substitutes and lost 4-1.
The IE women gave their best, even if their bodies were not physically ready for a game yet. They ran, sweat and fell like warriors. Rocio, one of the main defenders, got a red card for becoming agitated, some may say aggressive. Her aggressiveness, however, only reflected her willingness to give it her all on the pitch. Some may also say, getting a red card is a selfish act, especially since the team did not have any substitutes. Nevertheless, Rocio already feeling shame, maintained her spirits high and cheered on from the bench. The team showed amazing support and grudge towards her.
After this first game of the spring semester, the team is holding tryouts on Tuesday, January 14th to get new players and hopefully find a replacement to Emma. However, Ethan’s presence was highly missed on the field, both by the team and the coach, showing how valuable for the team he was.

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