Editorial Announcement for the 2024-25 Academic Year


The academic year 2023-2024 has been an exciting period of growth for The Stork! The completely student-led and managed media outlet, with a team of over 75 writers, editors, content creators, and managers, effectively communicates informative, relevant, and entertaining content to the rest of the IE University Community. With over 315 articles published this year alone, the ever-growing development of the newspaper is indisputable.   

The Stork team promotes the constant evolution of student leaders and opens the doors for new talent. During this transitional stage, The Stork would like to announce a change in leadership for the upcoming academic year, as Jimena Vivian steps down from the role of Editor in Chief and welcomes Cloe Chapotot to take up the position, effective as of June 14th, 2024.  

Current Editor in Chief, Jimena Vivian, joined The Stork in 2022 as an Opinion Editor, later moving up to Managing Editor for the Madrid Campus, and eventually to Editor in Chief at the start of her final year as a Behavior and Social Sciences student. Jimena has led a number of projects this year, especially focusing on the involvement of the IE Community, a goal aligned with The Stork’s current mission of “amplifying student voices.”

Jimena started the academic year by representing The Stork and hosting the first Student Government Town Hall, interviewing the President of the Student Government, Johanna Jakobi. Jimena also aimed to expand collaborations with other university initiatives, guiding projects in partnership with over 20 university clubs and departments; one of them being the creation of a soon-to-be-published podcast featuring distinguished IE authors and students. Jimena, alongside this year’s dedicated Board, created a new section in The Stork’s online newspaper solely dedicated to those notable collaborations, also constructing a new “Collaboration’s Agreement” to further protect the integrity of writers and editors. Jimena, working to promote the face-to-face networking and learning among of the members of the newspaper, led the organization of two in-person writing workshops presented by experts in Journalism and digital advertising; one in the fall semester focusing on article headlines and storytelling, and another in the spring semester explaining the importance of SEO in journalism.  

Grace Berry, the current Collaborations Manager, served as Madrid Managing Editor for the 2023 fall semester, being one of the principal figures in the growth of the outlet’s collaborative initiatives this year. Grace began as a News Writer during her first year as an International Relations student in 2020, later becoming a News Editor. Grace expresses, “Serving as Madrid Managing Editor has been a highlight of my academic career at IE. Being a part of such a devoted and diverse student initiative has been extremely gratifying. I am excited to see how the outlet grows and transforms in the coming years!”

Iasmina (Jasmine) Sharapova began as an Opinion Writer at The Stork during her first year as a Communications student in 2021. Due to her great journalistic skills and evident commitment to her role, she was later promoted to become the Opinion Editor in 2023, and soon after undertook the role of Madrid Managing Editor in the 2024 spring semester, a position she will continue to have. Jasmine mentions, “Moving onto the next academic year of our newspaper, I see us growing as a team with a continuous flow of ideas and perspectives. I am glad to be a part of the developing newspaper and IE community.”

Current Segovia Managing Editor, Cloe Chapotot, will serve as The Stork’s Editor in Chief for the upcoming academic year. Cloe is a BBA + BDBA student, starting her journey at The Stork as a News Writer in 2022 and later moving up to becoming a News Editor. During her time at The Stork, Cloe has shown a sense of enthusiasm and substantial involvement in a number of projects. As she transitions to her new position, Cloe mentions: “Seeing The Stork grow every year fills me with joy and excitement for what we can achieve. As the team expands, every member makes us proud of our community and helps us become better. I look forward to seeing The Stork prosper into a legacy and give back its grain of salt to our student body.”

A special thank you goes to The Stork’s Managerial Board, whose diligence is key for the development of the newspaper: 

Cloe Chapotot: Managing Editor of Segovia

Jasmine Sharapova: Managing Editor of Madrid

Beatriz Sánchez del Río: Managing Editor of the Spanish Section

Paula Martinez: Social Media Manager

Dania Espinosa: Public Relations

Maya Cline: Guest Writers Editor

Grace Berry: Collaborations Manager

During this transitional period, Jimena Vivian expresses the following words:

The hard work, dedication, and creativity of all the members of The Stork this year have continually proven the potential and growth ability of such an incredible student-led organization. While my time as Editor in Chief has come to an end, I am immensely grateful for leading and working alongside an incredible Board, and I am confident that the efforts and projects that we have initiated will only expand, being further catalyzed by initiatives created by emerging leaders. Thank you to every single member of the team this year, including our advisors, and to all of our collaborators who maintain their support of The Stork and for student voices. To prosperous new beginnings! 


The Stork Managerial Team

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