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The most beautiful time of the year is just around the corner. December is the month of pure joy, splendid decorations, delicious food, and family gatherings; it is the season that makes everyone sparkle. Indeed, even the fashion industry can’t avoid the Christmas spirit.

Brands launch their winter collections, Harrods massively decorates their window displays, Macy’s proudly showcases their Christmas mood, and multiple fashion designers commence their red and white campaigns. As crucial as this sounds, there’s something even more relevant happening in December. Vogue’s December issue, maybe one of the most critical publications of the season after the September issue, of course. According to various loyal readers, the December issue tends to be one of the most iconic and awaited magazines of the season, except for publication in September. It all started on the 17th of December 1892; indeed, Vogue’s first published magazine was this iconic piece, with a cover price of 10 cents.

From that day on, Vogue has gained international success. The magazine has positioned itself as the most respected and traditional fashion magazine in the world. Vogue is not only a magazine. It is a way of life, a way of expression. Vogue is a mood. From celebrities to women politicians to models, Vogue has captured the most admired and beautiful women on the planet.

This years IONCIC issue

Harry Styles, primer hombre en posar en solitario en la portada de la  revista Vogue | Marca.com

The media went crazy with the protagonist of this year’s December issue. It was no other than the iconic Harry Styles. Mr Styles is the first SOLO man to appear on the cover of Vogue, and not only that; he owned the month by wearing a dress and a skirt. The issue was applauded by many, breaking society’s stereotypes and embracing individuality and self-expression. But of course, the issue brought up some disagreements regarding gender attire. But after all, fashion is a form of art, freedom, and expression, and we loved seeing Harry in his purest state and form. Indeed the fashion icon also made history.

Past Issues

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