Winter in Segovia: Christmas Shopping Guide


Welcome back to Winter in Sego!

In times like these, uncertainty is practically a given, and with finals in full swing, it’s hard to make time for everything. That’s why we’ve decided to help out a little with that long holiday to-do list. Here’s a gift guide that’s sure to provide some form of inspo for whatever gifts you may want to give your loved ones, whether here or at home!  

A family-friendly classic:

If you’re unsure what to give to someone in your family or a close friend, a photo album of memories you have shared together is a great go-to gift! It’s meaningful, affordable, and not to mention fun to make. Fill an entire album, or leave some of it blank so they can add their own pictures. Tomas Hernanz Photography is a store in Segovia that can help you make this become a reality! 

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If they’re artsy…

Give them some art supplies! It’s often difficult to save up for new brushes or sketchbooks and they’ll surely appreciate the gift! There’s many local art supply stores in Sego you can look in too! One such shop is Terracotta, an art supply store which gives IE students a 10% discount! 

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Friends and lovers

If you want a gift you can enjoy with a significant other, finding an experience to do together could be a great idea! You could buy tickets to a relaxing spa retreat for the two of you after a stressful semester or surprise them with a visit home if you’re long distance! There’s hot air balloon rides you can take together right here in Sego too!

Planning a hike around Sego that ends in a cozy picnic is also a great way to make time for them and find a nice place to give them your gift! What’s great is any of these can be great gifts for friends and family too, it’s just a matter of finding a nice detail that allows you to make time to spend together. 

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A poplar picnic spot in Sego
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Another popular picnic spot

Bring home some classic Spanish treats and delicacies!

Diablo Cojuelo and Productos Nacional (which gives IE students a 10% discount) are two shops on the way from Aqueduct to Plaza with a variety of classic Spanish sweets and foods. Both are great options if you want to give someone a taste of Spain this holiday season!
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If you need gifts for friends or loved ones’ family members, sometimes it’s hard to come up with something impersonal yet tasteful, so here are some ideas:

  • For jewelry lovers, a nice necklace or pair of earrings from Parfois or Bijou Brigitte both located on Calle Juan Bravo can be a great option. It’s general, but still a nice touch!
  • Lotions, candles and other self-care items are a classic go-to. They can be a sweet gift, especially for moms and grandmothers. In Sego, there’s a few shops selling such kits and items all through Calle Cervantes and Calle Juan Bravo, heading up from Aqueduct towards Plaza (Yves Rocher as well as a few local ones with handcrafted soaps and aromatherapy products)
  • For the gamers, there’s always the option of getting them a gift card for the online store of whatever gaming console they use most. It may seem impersonal, but I can vouch for the fact that oftentimes, they’ll buy them with whatever christmas money they get anyway. 
  • And generally, for those people you’re just not sure what to give to, a nice treat and a decent bottle of wine or spirits can always be a great “resuelve”! What typically matters, especially if you’re not very close to them, is that you thought of them and went out of your way to try and get them a gift.

For your eco-lovers

If you have a friend or family member that cares about the environment or is interested in eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives to everyday items, there are many gift options and stores you could check out for them! Natura is an eco friendly store founded in Spain with that delivers to Sego! It has a lot of items ranging from cute little string lights to reusable water bottles, accessories, and clothes. You can also shop for reusable coffee cups, straws or water bottles almost anywhere! (check out! they have reusable thermoses and bottles made entirely from wheat straw plastic that is 100% biodegradable.) There are so many eco-friendly, sustainable initiatives, you’re sure to find something! 

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Get crafty! 

Remember that art supply store, Terracotta? It’s a great place to buy supplies to craft a gift for a loved one! If you’re on a tighter budget, other places to look for supplies could be EM Home Market Segovia (or as we all call it, the Chino next to Dia) or Tedi. You can make cards, photo collages, bracelets, scrapbooks, etc. It’s all up to you! Sometimes, a nice detail is all it takes.

And that’s it for our little gift guide! In the end, remember that you know your loved ones best, but we hope this guide helped inspire some gift-giving ideas. Wishing you the best, both with finals and your holiday shopping this winter! 

Let us know in the comments if there are any other ideas for our readers, and don’t forget to stay tuned for our upcoming content @ieusork!

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