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Spring is here, the sun is shining and it’s finally time to take off a layer (or two). Segovia is filled with COVID friendly activities that you can enjoy either alone or with friends. With restrictions slowly easing, it’s time to enjoy longer and sunnier days in Segovia and we have the perfect activities for you! 

The Hills

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Image by Manon Fischer 

This one’s a classic. If you haven’t visited the hills yet, you definitely should, it’s a must for all students in Segovia. The sunsets are one of a kind and are always a great activity. Grab a blanket, some snacks and a few drinks and turn it into an Instagram worthy afternoon.  And, if you’re an early riser, they’re the perfect spot for a sunrise run. You might even spot a deer or two if you’re lucky!

Circuito Kartpetania La Higuera (Go-Karting)

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Image from Karpetania Website

For the more adventurous (or those who miss driving), Segovia’s karting circuit is an exhilarating weekend activity with friends. It’s approximately 13 minutes away from the aqueduct so you’ll need a taxi to get there and the price per person is 30€. Plus, if you’re lucky you may see the professionals drag racing on the weekends. It’s definitely an adrenaline rush! Make sure to book before going.

Address: Calle Baja, 4. 20191 La Higuera

Phone number: +34 620 888 997


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Image from Action Aventura and Paintball

Good news, the maximum number of people for this one is 12. Divide yourselves into two groups of six people and have fun shooting your opponents. Camouflage suits are provided so no need to worry about getting your clothes filled with paint. Like karting, you will need a taxi to get there and prices will vary. Be sure to call ahead and reserve a spot as its only one group session. Also, check the weather before booking as they’re only open on sunny days (luckily we have lots of those ahead).  

Address: Camino Valseca, 19, 40196 La Lastrilla, Segovia

Phone number: +34 921 46 93 69

La Granja

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Image from Viatjes Culturals


Only 20 minutes away by bus (or 10 via Taxi), this is a perfect day trip within Castilla y Leon. With Spring approaching, the flowers are blooming and the gardens of the palacio are breath-taking making it the perfect spot for a long stroll. It’s also a nice place for a picnic or even just to lay in the grass and soak in the sunshine. You should also visit the inside of the Palacio de La Granja which is equally as gorgeous. 

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Horseback Trail Ride at Picadero Hernandez

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Image from Picadero Hernandez

This one’s a personal favourite of mine. If you want to switch things up a bit, and discover the gorgeous countryside Segovia has to offer, I definitely recommend it. You can either go alone or with a group of friends and enjoy the breathtaking views throughout the trail ride. No prior horse riding experience is necessary however, be ready to be sore the next day! Aside from this, it’s an incredibly entertaining activity and a great way to get some country air and soak in the sun. You will need a taxi to reach the stables and make sure to book ahead of time.

Website: https://picaderoherranz.com/

Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Image from Viator

This one’s on the pricey side (approximately 160€ per person) but it is a one of a kind experience. Enjoy breath-taking views of Segovia from the top throughout this unique ride. You will fly around Segovia and see it from an entirely new perspective. For those of you scared of heights, the staff is incredibly professional and friendly, making sure you get the most out of the experience.  Plus, watching how they set up the balloon and basket is extremely interesting (and calms down the nerves).  The price and balloon differ depending on the number of people in your group so do contact the agency in advance. Many agencies offer these rides, all of which are highly recommended, and they all depart from the same spot: Calle 3 de abril Carretera, km 1, 40002 Segovia.


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Vuelos en Globo Segovia EoloFLY

Siempre en las nubes – viajes en globo


Eating Out

The warm weather definitely calls for eating out with friends. Segovia has numerous incredible restaurants to offer. If you’re in the mood for meat, I highly recommend La Picaña. This Brazilian restaurant, in my opinion, has the best meat in Segovia. It’s located near the Bus stop and has a lovely terrace. Next, near the aqueduct, there’s El Secreto de San Clemente. They offer the three meals as well as a snack menu every day. The menu offers lots of varieties so you’ll be sure to find something that catches your attention. Close to this one, try out el Cochifrito for traditional Segovian dishes. Lastly, La Concepción, located on plaza, has delicious plates. Plus, the atmosphere on plaza is unbeatable.

TIP: Always look at the ‘menu del dia’ (daily menu) as these are usually priced around 20-25€. They include entrée, main course, dessert and a beverage and are a great way to eat out on a budget!  

Let us know if there are any more activities that are perfect to do in the springtime! If you try out one of these activities tag us on Instagram @ieustork

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