Spring in Segovia: Workout Challenge Finale


Well, I think it’s safe to say that this past week has been long and tough! Truthfully, between studying and classes it was difficult to make time (and push myself) to do the daily workout. But, I’m the first to admit that it was incredibly rewarding! It was the perfect study break, especially after spending hours behind the desk and needing to refresh my brain. 

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Pro tip: Always have your trusty water bottle close by 

What I loved most about the workout was the variety it offered. The mix between cardio HIIT workouts, the stretching and then different exercises focusing on specific muscles of the body made for a tiring but challenging workout. I get bored very easily but because of the diversity this challenge offers, it made it less predictable and more entertaining (for lack of a better word for it). The cardio dances were a massive mood booster and a nice break between the killer HIITs, I was shocked by how much I actually enjoyed them. Nevertheless, if I didn’t feel like doing the cardio workout I would substitute it with a short run in the hills. The scenery is gorgeous and makes for a nice change of view (also the perfect getaway from the house). And, if you hate running, another alternative is jumping roping ! Fun fact, 10 minutes of jump roping burns as many calories as a 20min run. 

The rest days were very needed and I was more than grateful that Pamela included them! I also highly recommend her stretching videos. More often than not, we tend to forget to stretch or warm just to save time (I’m guilty of this), but, I pushed myself this week and did them and they made a massive difference. I have back issues and after doing these intense daily workouts I found myself quite stiff. So, I forced myself to do her warmups and stretches before and after my workouts. This made the world of a difference, actually making the challenge more doable. Moral of the story: make the time to do the stretches, it’s worth it ! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this challenge and will keep following it. Don’t know if I’ll manage to do it every day but I’m aiming for at least three times a week! 

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