Winter in Segovia: Getaways in Castilla y Leon


With the end of midterms comes the dire need for a break, however with all the new restrictions we cannot simply go to Madrid for the weekend or even the day 🙁 

However we have found two places that you can go to still be able to enjoy a little getaway from Segovia! These two locations are within the Castilla y Leon province and are easily accessible through the use of public transport or a car if you have one.

Day Trip

For those of you needing to get away only for a day La Granja is the perfect place! Located only 20 minutes away from Segovia by bus this picturesque town boasts a royal palace, glass factory as well as incredible mountain hikes. You can spend the whole day touring the palace and its gardens or exploring the quaint city and all the incredible restaurants it has to offer! 

Some recommended restaurants:

Or you just explore the incredible mountains and various trials around the city 🙂

If you would like to visit La Granja simply check the bus schedule on the link below!

Royal Palace of La Granja of San Ildefonso

Gardens of Royal Palace of La Granja of San Ildefonso
Glass Factory in La Granja

Mountains of La Granja

Weekend Trip

If you are dreaming of a little weekend getaway with your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend that can be reached within an hour, Salamanca is the place for you! Taking a one hour train from Segovia you will find yourself in another very pretty city, bigger than Segovia, but small enough to be explored in only a weekend.

Also, during this corona time it’s really easy to find hotels and airbnbs at crazy discounts, so you won’t want to let this opportunity go to waste! 

If you decide to go, there are a few spots you can’t miss:

Huerto de Calixto y Melibea

A little corner of paradise in the heart of the city centre, where you can lose yourself in nature and in the wonderful view.

Casa Lis (Art Déco and Art Nouveau museum)

It is absolutely worth it to visit this amazing building, other than the collection itself. If you have time, I highly recommend having a drink in the bar inside, the view is amazing!

(BE CAREFUL: you are not allowed to take pictures, if you do, an angry bodyguard will chase you!)

Plaza Mayor Salamanca

In case you want to chill in a different plaza for a while

Finally, for dinner, it is very typical of Salamanca to “tapear”, which means having one drink with a small tapa in every bar and then going straight to the next ones.

Here’s a list of my favourites:

  • Mesón de Gonzalo (patatas bravas and croquetas)
  • Cafe bar Sevilla (tortilla and croquetas)
  • Mesón Cervantes
  • Mesón Minutejo
  • Tapas 3.0

And don’t forget to try the typical Hornazo at La Tahona de la Abuela! 

Whichever getaway you choose to go on please remember to wear masks and maintain social distancing from those that you are not travelling with!

Safe Travels xxx

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