Spring in Segovia: Workout Challenge


Spring is finally here which can only mean one thing, summer is around the corner! After too many quarantines and wearing sweaters and coats all day, it’s time to get into shape for bikini season. More than that, take this as an opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something for yourself. With finals seasons coming up, this will also be a great way to get your head away from the books and get your body moving. Trust me, you’ll work much more efficiently after having done a bit of exercise! 

The workout I’ve chosen for us to follow is ’20 weeks of Pamela Reif’. Most of you are familiar with the Chloe Ting Challenge however, a new fitness Youtuber has emerged and that’s German influencer, now entrepreneur, Pamela Reif. Recently nominated for Forbes 30 under 30, the 24 year old started out by posting health and fitness content on Instagram. Once her follower count skyrocketed, she created her Youtube channel which then led to her own fitness program and app entitled “PamStrong”. Now she’s sponsored by numerous brands namely Puma, where she has released her own line of clothes. Reif has proven to be a successful entrepreneur by expanding her business, she has now written her own cookbook titled “You deserve this”, founded “Naturally Pam” a line of natural food products and continues to bring new things to her name. 
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Her videos stand out from other Youtubers because of two vital characteristics: there’s no talking and she always plays the best music. Throughout the video, Reif doesn’t say a word, straying away from the conventional workout coach. The music she uses is alway spot on and she makes her workouts in accordance to the music. Recently, as part of a New Years resolution, she has created a 20 week workout challenge. Every week, she posts on her Instagram account and on her app, the workout videos for that week. The best part is, there’s five different plans to choose from: Beginner, 30min per day, 45min slow, 45min sweaty and 45min dance. 
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So, I invite you guys to join me and take part in her challenge! Naturally, we don’t have to do the full 20 weeks but let’s aim for at least three. First step, choose which plan you want to follow, you can also change from week to week if you like. Personally, I’m choosing the 45min sweat plan (let’s hope I make it). We start the challenge this Wednesday April 21st! How it works: simply look up on YouTube the workout videos for the day and follow along. You can also find the weekly plan on Pamela Reifs Instagram highlights. Alright guys, I’ll post a follow up article soon to share my experience so far with you guys. Good luck everyone!

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