Show off your Glamour! The new H&M X Giambattista Valli is out.


For all of you fashion lovers, the most expected collaboration of this season has arrived. This Thursday, November 7 H&M opened its door to its customers for their latest collaboration, the H&M X Giambattista Valli project. The new H&M X Giambattista Valli Collection is out.

Thanks to social media influencers we’ve gotten a full sneak peek of the new collection. From ruffles, crazy prints, sharp tailoring, to street-inspired details. The mix of young adult street style and the high-end world of couturier is the perfect touch for fashion lovers who are willing to risk it style-wise.

“Love every piece of this collection,” Carla Hinojosa, fashion public figure.

“What an honour and what a dress! It may very well be my favourite H&M collaboration to date!,” Lauren Arthurs, blogger.

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Giambattista Valli, H&M Collection

Nonetheless, we have to admit that despite all the irresistible details in the new pieces, this is not what attracts the most. What actually is in the customer’s favor is the easy access we have to it.

Giambattista Valli is an Italian fashion designer with more than 10 years in the fashion business. His fashion house categorized as haute couture line is also presented annually in the Paris fashion week. Hence, his clothes are super-exclusive and high-priced this is why this collection allows high-fashion to be available to other publics. This new collaboration broke the barrier!

According to Vogue, past collections of this fashion genius have named him the Valentino of his generation. His past pieces have been the closest to couture ready to wear line and this is what makes him such a revolutionary icon.

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Kendall Jenner, VOGUE

For this one, don’t walk RUN! The collaboration was out to the public a few days ago and is already close for sold out. The collection is a fashionista’s dream; gowns, cool tailored jackets, and our top pick… the splendid ruffled red gown dress. The dress has been worn by the one and only Kendall Jenner, available for a relatively cheap price compared to haute couture pieces. The red tulle gown worn by Kendall in the campaign costs 399 euros when an average haute couture dress cost starts around 20,000 euros.

This is the new approach to luxury at customers’ reach, fashion has broken its barriers and it’s your time to get a touch.

 “Ageless, timeless and effortless love story, shared with dreamers and lovers alike,” Giambattista Valli, fashion designer. 

Here’s the link to shop, you’ll thank me later. 


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