Long Distance Relationships, worth the wait.


When it comes to long-distance relationships, debate opens up about couples who can actually pull it off and those who ball out. Although each individual takes the decision that suits them best and defines them the most as a person, I would like to point out that it does not matter if you are thousands of kilometers away from the person you love, because love overcomes any distance. If it is meant to be, it will work out no matter the circumstances, being that different time zones or the lack of face to face contact. So, if you are in a long-distance relationship right now, hurray for you! It takes a huge amount of maturity, responsibility, and commitment to make it happen. 

I am not a big fan of long-distance relationships myself, and if it were me, I would definitely not take the chance. But today, despite the many negative allegations against it, thousands of couples all around the world make it work every day. Life happens, and suddenly you have to move out of the country for college, or your partner has to travel a lot for X reasons; this does not mean you have to lose the love you have for each other, or cut it all off. Everything has a way and if you think that this is the right person for you, it may be worth the risk.

“The only disadvantage of being away from my partner is that physically I don’t get to be with him every day. It’s tough, but we still talk every day, treat each other the same as if we were in a traditional relationship, and the love still remains.” Anonymous

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A big advantage of the 21st century is the possibilities that we have at our reach to actually make long-distance work. Apart from transportation like trains or planes, we have the most important tool as easy as one-click: Tech and the internet. Although physical contact cannot happen, you still can talk to each other every night through facetime and text during the day. Another advantage is that according to psychologists, trust is enhanced during LDR so that basically means that you and your partner become interdependent, stronger communication is built and you can have the space that no traditional relationship will ever give you.

“We talk everyday, it is not a problem, there is love.” Mariela, 19

Although one of the main reasons why couples are apprehensive when it comes to long-distance relationships is due to the fear of cheating, those who take the risk and actually succeed have a better chance of making their relationship last longer. Depending on different factors, long distance can function just as well as a traditional relationship.

“A study by Katherine Maguire back in 2007 shows that couples who stay positive and take their long-distance as temporary, knowing they will reunite soon in the future, are much happier and less distressed in general.” said Practical Psychology.

It is important to keep the relationship healthy by incentivizing transparency. Levels of anxiety and fear may arise during long-distance due to the fright of being replaced by someone else your partner may meet, someone who is actually physically there. So, often remind your partner that he/she is loved, embrace the memories, cherish the long talks over the phone and even look forward excitedly to the next time you are gonna see each other again. Small efforts like these can help maintain the relationship flowing.

And although I am not completely fascinated by the idea of long-distance, I do believe that that’s what love is all about, risking and fighting for the other person no matter what are the obstacles in between.

“The distance hurts, but it is worth it. At the end of the day, in one month I will be with her again and all the time we spent apart will be worth it for those moments.” Javier, 21

So, if you are one doubting your long-distance relationship, remember the effort you are putting in for the person you love, that distance does not vanish the feelings, and you are working every day to be with them again soon. Love has no boundaries, ignore people’s opinions and keep with what makes you happy. It is worth the wait.


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