Inspirational Women: Beyoncé


In honour of Women’s Week, I would like to share an inspiring story of an empowered woman, that is to say, the famous and unique Beyonce.

I chose her as one of the most emblematic feminine figures of today’s world because she has been truly empowering a whole generation of women inviting them to celebrate their divine femininity through the powerful lyrics of her songs. More than ever, Beyonce has ruled the music world for many years now. Having said that, not only did Beyonce have more than ever dominated the music world, but she definitely dominated the fashion and beauty industry too.

Like I said before, we can see that her songs are emblematic of freedom, independence and femininity. One of her songs that has truly been impactful among many others is the one entitled Who Run The World. This song is indeed one of Beyonce’s most popular songs, with the lyrics being still memorable today. The song is, in fact, without any doubt, a motivational and uplifting song for women as it invites them to run the world.

The other song, entitled Single Ladies, also figures as one of the most sensational and empowering songs of Beyonce that mainly speaks about freedom and women’s desire to do as they please.

Finally, Freedom is another song that allows all women to release the bonds of self-doubt, as she reminds them that all women can and will accomplish anything they set their mind to, and any obstacles in life will not hold them down.

To say it all, Beyonce is famous for being an empowered female role model, standing up for women’s rights and gender equality in our society. Indeed, she is the one who said that we have to teach our boys the rules of equity and respect so that as they grow up, gender equality becomes a natural way of life. And we have to teach our girls that they can reach as high as humanly possible. Like she would say, standing up for what women believe in is pure empowerment.

Beyonce is, therefore, inviting all ladies through her popular songs to be the driving forces of tomorrow’s change. Women are meant to be wealthy, powerful, self-confident, sexy, fearless, independent, strong, professional and should always stand up no matter what. They should overcome the societal pressures they face every day, focusing on who they are, instead of who they should look like.

To sum it all, the key message Beyonce is transmitting through all her powerful sings is to find strength from within. That inner strength, independence, and overall that boss status. After all, women should be all considered divas, as there is nothing wrong with being a diva. That is to say, women can be bosses and take charge of their lives, careers, and relationships without feeling guilty about it. In other words, women can be as bold and as confident as they want to be without having to apologise for it. They definitely have endless power. In other words, women are capable of any and everything. Women are worthy. Women are the captains of their own ship!

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