How to; Coursera Courses with IE


IE University offers the possibility for the students to take online courses on different fields of study, depending on their preference. The topics of the courses vary indeed among the multiple specialisations students are offered, ranging from arts and humanities, computer science, health, physical science and engineering, language learning, personal development, information technology, business, data science, math and logic, to social sciences. All of those courses, without exception, are taught by the world’s best instructors and prestigious universities throughout the world. You simply need to choose among the range of lectures offered by IE – the topic you are mostly interested in. 

In terms of the learning program itself, it is very accessible for everyone. One of the main reasons why students should definitely participate in those online courses is that they are really easy to access no matter where you are located in the world. Students are also free to choose which level of courses they would like to register themselves in, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Additionally, Coursera courses are either classified as courses, guided projects or specialisations. Courses include all kinds of academic resources such as video lectures, community discussions forums, peer-reviewed assignments. Guided projects, on the other hand, are useful if you wish to learn a job-relevant skill that you can use today through an interactive experience guided by a subject matter expert. Specialisations are preferably for those who wish to master a specific career skill in the framework of a professional network and potential employers. All in all, by studying online, you will eventually earn credit as you complete your course assignments. 

Coursera courses undeniably present many advantages at every perspective. Having said that, IE University recommends any student to take advantage of this unique opportunity! This way, students will be able to not only develop new skills, apply those new skills to hands-on projects, meet new people, deepen their interest points, but most and above all, they would be able to have a good certification to add to their CV! Indeed, each student who would have registered themselves in an online Coursera course will successfully receive a certificate as an accomplishment of it. Out of personal experience, I would recommend the popular choice of “Science of Well-Being” from Yale University that I particularly found interesting and enriching.

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