Exercise: As beneficial for the mind as it is for the body!


Exercise has personally been a real game changer for me. With time, I came to the realisation that exercise is not only beneficial for our physical health, but most importantly for our mental health. That is to say, exercise is essential to become both physically and mentally strong. Our overall health, happiness and well-being are all depending to how regularly we exercise. Indeed, we will cover the many mental health benefits of exercise.

1. Exercise is beneficial in the sense that the more we exercise in our daily life, the more self-confidence we gain. In other words, exercise helps us to booster our self- confidence as well as our self-esteem. By bettering our physical appearance and thus becoming fitter, we indirectly boost our mental confidence. We empower ourselves, feel stronger and beautiful in our own skin.

2. Exercise helps us to be more productive in our daily life. Indeed, by exercising regularly in the day, we have more energy and therefore we work in a more efficient and effective way.Exercising has been indeed proving to reduce stress, better our self-management and energisation, as well as it has been proving to help us in being more present, focused and aligned. Moreover, after exercising, our mind becomes clearer, calmer and more energised for the rest of the day.

3. By exercising, we feel a sense of satisfaction, achievement and fulfilment within ourselves. We put ourselves goals that we will reach only with effort, constancy and full commitment. The same applies in life, when we want to accomplish goals. Fitness helps us therefore to train consistency by holding the vision, visualising the outcomes and trusting the whole process. Exercising contributes therefore to our willpower.

4. Exercise helps to improve our flexibility, mobility and overall physical performance. Indeed, by moving our body through exercising, we allocate new energy flows throughout our body. Having new flows of energy will then give to our brain new fresh flows of energy, allowing our neuronal connections to function better and faster.

5. Exercise is a way to tone up our body in order to feel physically strong. It is important to lean up our muscles as with time, it becomes harder to gain muscle. And so, building lean and toned muscles is essential as it will help us to become not only physically stronger but also emotionally, we will gain in empowerment.

6. Exercise is a life journey as well as a lifelong adventure that challenges us to become the best version of ourselves: once we start, we need to keep up with our efforts to commit to the fullest to achieve our objectives. Same applies in life: we do our best to keep moving forward, despite the obstacles we encounter in life. Fitness is never linear, it has ups and downs and we should never give up. Fitness in a way teaches how to always stick to a routine and never give up. In other words, fitness is a lifetime commitment that teaches us once again to give time, effort, devotion, practice and dedication to the fulfilment of our goals.

I would therefore recommend anyone to start exercise if you have not done so, as you will find yourself more confident from the inside out, both mentally and physically. It is beyond a matter of staying healthy, it is most importantly, a matter of becoming mentally stronger. Taking care of our mental is just as important as our physical appearance nowadays. Like I would say, strong is the new sexy!

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