Hello and welcome to Spring in Segovia; the perfect guide on how to enjoy the most beautiful season of the year in the quaint town we call home!

With all the problems COVID has caused in this past year, the economic crisis is one of the problems that hit Spain the hardest. Therefore, we can all try to do something to help our beloved Segovia and its small businesses that are all around us.

So here is a short list of shops able to suit your every need!

Food Products

Here’s some alternatives to shop in carrefour and dia!

  • Producto National

There are many shops like this in Segovia, where all the products are from Spain and are divided by region. You’ll be able to find good wines, cheese and typical Spanish products of very good quality. Also, the staff speaks english and they are always ready to help and give you the best advice depending on your tastes. Enjoy the 5% discount all IE students have!


  • El Diablo Cojuelo

Probably most of you know this place, as is the best place to buy good wine and alcohol. Although, what not everyone knows is that you can find many other products such as cheese, chocolate, olive oil and even skin and hair care products! They are also going to serve you coffee if you want!


  • Farmer’s Market

Everyone must have seen the farmer’s market that takes place in Plaza every Thursday morning (10am to 1pm), although I know many people who still have never gone there to buy something. The reason why I believe it is great to shop there is because the quality of the fruits and vegetables is way higher than in any supermarket, the price is cheaper and the people working there are nicer.

  • Little Fruits and Vegetable Shop

This little stall around the corner of plaza, just on your way to irish (a way that you all know pretty well), somehow has EVERY type of vegetable, herbes, fruits and vegetable related product you can imagine, all in the 2 square meters. Also, the people working there are super nice and will only give you good quality products. Once, I had asked for some mint and the worker showed it to me and said that it didn’t match their standards of quality, therefore he wasn’t going to sell it.


  • Herbolario Alimentación Natural

Here’s a super good store with super good healthy and gluten free and organic products. If you are allergic to gluten, vegan, or just want to eat less processed food this is the place for you!


Gifts and Clothing

Perfect places to get some unique tidbits 

  • TerrAcota

Welcome to the paradise for architecture, design students and everyone that (like me) is obsessed with stationary and art supplies! And IE students get a 10% discount 😉


  • Taller de Joyería Isaías Cristóbal

If you are looking for a nice gift for a girl, I believe this is the place! Here you can find good quality handmade jewelry. The staff is super nice and ready to help you for every specific desire. Also, they remember their customers even after a long time they’ve been in the shop. 


  • Librería Liberbodega de Andrés

This is an antique store that has old books and things about segovia. It’s perfect if    you want to buy something unique for your house or to take home. And also cool art pieces 🙂


  • Plaza Mayor Clothing Store

This is a unique boutique that has cute clothes and jewelry in beautiful colors and styles! The shop always has new items whenever you go as it is a great alternative to Mango and Berska as they also have a lot of basic pieces perfect for any outfit.

Let us know if you have any other recommendations in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @ieustork!


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